• Apologies in advance for my lack of decorum... As a kid I called homosexuals "bum chums" & "pooh stabbers" (I am red with shame now!).
  • Homosexual (well duh...) Wrong way up the turnpike a Real Soprano Putting from the ruff fudgepackin' shitstabbin' uphill gardener backside artist
  • Fag(got), queer, something like breeder I think (breeder is a term for hetero's, I think there is a gay equivalent), cock mongrel, ass/butt pirate, fairy, dyke, homo, carpet muncher, muff diver, brokeback, flamer, prison bitch, homoerotic, gaylord
  • Baloney Smoker Fudge Packer Bone Smuggler Rump Wrangler Sodomite Colon Cowboy
  • pillow biter.
  • Femme butch tweener dyke queer lip-licker carpet muncher bush nibbler pearl diver clam eater/digger/lover stone butch/stone femme (more of a life style than "just" a Lesbian. lezzie lezbo lesbian fag faggot Mary pansy Old Violet queen queenie fairy fairy-got-father bear/ hairy bear/ fuzzy bear SnowQueen
  • Some with historical context: ---------------------------------------------- "Wears a Green Carnation" Comes from the fact that Oscar Wilde used to wear one. Pretty boys, witty boys, You may sneer At our disintegration. Haughty boys, naughty boys, Dear, dear, dear! Swooning with affectation... And as we are the reason For the "Nineties" being gay, We all wear a green carnation. ” —Noel Coward, 1929 , Bitter Sweet --------------------------------------- "Bohemian" In the early days of American Theater, it was forbidden to have plays mention homosexuality. So instead, the scriptwriters would use the word "Bohemian" and sophisticated audiences would know what they meant. ---------------------------------------- "Friends of Dorothy" The term dates back to a time in the early 20th century when homosexuality was against the law in both the United Kingdom and in the United States. Saying at a social gathering that another man was a "friend of Dorothy" was a euphemism used for discussing sexual orientation without other people knowing what you were discussing. The origin of the term is unknown and there are various theories. Most commonly it has been linked to the film The Wizard of Oz because Judy Garland, who starred as the main character Dorothy, is often noted as a major icon in the gay community. A less popular etymology links it to Dorothy Parker, who had many homosexual friends. Starting in the late 1980s, on several cruise lines, gay passengers began approaching ship staff, asking them to publicize gatherings in the daily cruise activity list. As the cruise lines were hesitant to announce such things so blatantly in their daily publications, they would list the gathering as a "Meeting of the Friends of Dorothy". Such meetings have expanded in popularity and frequency over the years. Now, many cruise lines will have multiple "FOD" events, sometimes as many one each night.
  • pillow biter, shirt lifter, a joseph, ass pumper, bum chum, fag, sausage hider,
  • evrything covered apart from arse bandit lol
  • fudge-packin-fanny-pirates buttfucker-r-us three-legged-pooper-scoopers bolgona-pony-gliders gizzum-junkies
  • Faggot Queer Homosexual Gaylord Bentdi*k.
  • Nobody said Pole Smoker yet
  • Salami hiders.
  • Light in the loafers.
  • Director of Homo-land Security Of course you could always tell them, "If I have any questions about toungedarting a stinktube, I'll ask you." or "Snarf my cavernous bunghole you snurdnurgling Jew!"
  • Way, way back when I was in the service, we referred to them as those with a round mouth who received a "dual sixes" discharge. As I recall, the regulations which prohibited homosexual activity was Air Force Regulation 55-66.
  • Of the Lavender Set.
  • Limp wrist.
  • TERMS FOR MALES ONLY: closet case deviant back-door bandit gay gayboy queer queer-bait queen pervert perv nancy-boy nance twinkie pansy faggot fag fairy nellie sodomist bent bitch-boy butch chicken chicken-hawk cock-sucker fruit homo mary limp-wristed midnight cowboy poof poofter sissy-boy sissy swish that way one of those one of them three dollar bill epicene (obsolete) morfadike (obs) SPORTS TERMS: plays for the other team left handed hitter swings the other way switch hitter STRAIGHT TERMS (NOT GAY): muff-diver pearl diver
  • These are all things I thought of off the top of my head- I didn't copy any answers though I'm SURE there are duplicates: Toms Dykes Bull Dykes Queer Carpet Lickers Carpet Muncher Rug Muncher Lezzie Lezzbo Fag Faggot Gay Light in the Loafers Friend of Dorothy Flies the Rainbow Flag Salami Biter Hides the Salami Fudge Packer Butt Pirate Homo Plays for the Other Team A Mary Pole Smoker Got a one way ticket to Fairy Land Faries Mary-Annes (more referred to cross dressers who were gay) Queer as a 3 dollar bill Fruit Funny
  • Hi when i lived in the north of england the term there was "soft lad" an to be honest i kind of like it
  • Anti-man, batty boy...these are terms you'd hear mostly in Jamaica.
  • I've been collecting euphemisms for gay and lesbian for a while - my list is at - it's not comprehensive of course, so if you have some to add please let me know! I'll add the ones in the other answers! lyn

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