• I will work until 2pm, then spend the rest of the day with my husband. Yes, I enjoy it.
  • Family and love it. It will be sad as family members die. I don't know how people do it. . How about you Polly?
  • thanksgiving comes first, mmmm, thankfu
  • I'll spend it alone along with the other holidays. And I hate it. I have no concept of family, and this time of year I just find to be ridiculous and unnecessary along with inconvenient.
  • I'll spend as much of it as I can with my family....and I'll work. And I do love spending time with my family.
  • Yes, Christmas is my favorite Holiday because as always, it's a time to share gifts with my family.
  • This year? I'm sooo excited. I'm spending my first Christmas with my boyfriend. I get to fly to Scotland in a few weeks for it. He's making dinner, we're going to castles, and all sorts of other cool stuff that he has planned (some of it secret). I will miss my family this Christmas :( but they understand that this is important to me. It could determine the rest of my life, is he the one?   Yes I enjoy Christmas every year, execpt for the year I had chicken pox. I had to stay up in my room, while all my cousins were downstairs laughing and playing.
  • Not sure yet my friend. Got an email from my son yesterday inviting us over to Honolulu for Christmas. He and his adorable fiancee just moved into their new home! Alternatively he said they could come to California to see us. They have two dogs and we have Tigger our cat and either way we're going to have to board the dogs or the cat. Last time we did that our cat got a respiratory infection and their dogs got kennel cough so we have some thinking to do on this issue. Will get back to you sweetie! :) ((hugs))
  • After four months of media brainwashing I am usually sick of Xmas by the day itself. I go to stay with some of the few relatives who are still speaking to me. This year it is my second cousin's eldest son and his wife. She is Polish so there will be unintelligible carols on the hi-fi and strange and potentially lethal drinks will be passed round (which is mildly irksome as I no longer drink). All in all it is infinitely preferable to being one of the poor buggers who will be all alone this Xmas.
  • HOME, home, home!! I can't wait to see my friends and family...I'm so homesick haha! I always love the holidays with my family!
  • I'm going to be in Africa this Christmas, and yes I usually enjoy it. +5
  • I will tuck into nice things to eat, chill, watch television & drink wine! Alone lol! +5
  • With family and friends. I enjoy it but the same routine every year becomes tedious. It's mostly the phony gift-giving out of obligation that I object to. I'd probably feel more spiritually fulfilled by working in a soup kitchen or getting layed on a tropical island. But I'm a married guy.
  • This year will be a very quiet one at home with hubby and daughter as i wont be allowed or able to travel. We always enjoy christmas but have always gone away to stay with family so i bet this year will be a bit of a let down. But hey! Double the fun next year :D +5

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