• Once a year only!
  • i dont , my family is jewish and noone ever asks me over
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      I've had Jewish friends, when they are great I adore them! Shalom shalom
  • Depends which one. The different denominations of Christians celebrate it in different ways.
    • Linda Joy
      That's why I said *YOU* and not different denominations.
  • christmas eve with the better halfs family, opening presents and makung prawns, christmas day with my family opening presents and doing a oxtail potjie. going to church bith mornings as christmas eve falls on a sunday and we we always have a service on christmas morning and how do u spend ur christmas Linda
  • By putting a skinny Jewish man on the spot with some loaded questions, and then on a stick? I've never really celebrated Christmas, it just sort of happens each year.
  • Going to church is first and foremost then have a beer.
  • No, no longer. Yes, when I was a kid I looked forward to Christmas but now there is no reason to. It is just a time of year when I will not be working. I will be off work for 3 weeks with no pay. I would rather be working. Besides it is actually a pagan winter solstice holiday. Jesus Christ was born in September or October.

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