• Yeah i spent 5 hours in a mexican prison because i got caught :P
  • Never, I usually ended up pay the bills, but never come back to the same restaurant.
  • They deserved it by the way. I would not have dashed. I would have done a dine and tell them off and then walk out without paying and tell them to shove the whole thing up their asses. Next, yes I have and I am not proud. I was much younger and very drunk.
  • No but this sounds like a pretty extreme circumstance. Was there a manager on duty?
  • No. First, I wouldn't have waited an hour and a half. What I would have done was leave after finding the manager and explaining why I was dissatisfied in hope they would correct the problem in the future.
  • I haven't dined and dashed yet, but I have dined and complained and then not paid as the service and the wait for food was not what a reasonable person should put up with. You go to a restaurant to enjoy yourself, you don't plan on having to cook for yourself aswell.
  • No, this is Defrauding An Innkeeper and a law violation. Skipping out made the waitress have to pay your food bill. You should have complained to the manager, if you had a problem. i would not have waited that long for food without complaining. did you complain? if not, this was your fault. you had other choices, but instead, you violated the law. You could have just left the restaurant, without eating their food.
  • No,I would have found the manager and complained.Most resturants want you too come back and if you arent happy they want too know why.I complained about getting the wrong sandwich at Red Robin and i got my next meal free.
  • I almost did a couple times. The first was when I was nearly broke (free food)... but just ordered something cheap instead. The second time was slow, poor service that was topped with terrible food served, we haggled the price down. I've decided that the lesson being taught to the bad server/establishment by not paying (which may not even have an effect on them) isn't worth the consequences of being caught doing it.
  • No; shame on you. You didn't have to wait an hour and a half. When the wings arrived you could have refused them. You stayed, you ate, you owed the bill.
  • No never... you know, if you had kicked up a stink at the time and refused burnt chicken wings not only would have probably have got away with a free meal, and better service to keep you happy, but they may have given you a free future meal or desert out of it too! (Although, by the sound of your awful time you probably wouldn't have wanted that anyway!) As a former waitress and manager, I would say that if you eat the food without complaining to the manager, you accept the service without complaining to the manager, then you should pay - without complaining... knowing that I will get my way, if I complain, is why I have never felt the need to dine and dash.
  • after a half hour of no food, you should have complained to the manager about the service ... a few months ago, i had to "dine and dash" bc i forgot my wallet at home ... but we spoke to the manager and told him the situation and came back and paid for it the next day
  • Look, I don't blame you nor do I think I'm superior or better. I just couldn't do it. Maybe I'm a coward. But somehow I couldn't do it, no.
  • Nope. I have, however, brought it up to the management to see what their resolution would be. And if I wasn't happy, I've told them what WOULD make me, if not happy, satisfied. I will NOT pay for crappy food or service.
  • Nope, I would have just talked with the manager. +5
  • I've never left without paying the bill. Hard to tell if it's the chef's fault or the wait staff. One should not be punished for the other's mistakes. There have been time I have not left a gratuity, though, when it was definitely the wait person who was rude or inattentive.
  • I wouldn't have just walked out, but I would have bent the ear of the manager and explained to him exactly why the ticket was not going to be paid that evening. Usually they will apologize profusely and try to make it right. If not, they don't deserve your business ever again. Pretty sure I wouldn't have broken the law by dashing though...
  • No but I might have if in that situation. You should have also took a little from the register and pickpocketed the waitress before you left too.

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