• I think that sometimes it is necessary. My parents didn't do it as a rule, but on the one or two occasions when I was in big trouble and needed real help my parents bared their souls to me and helped me more than they otherwise could have.
  • No as a general rule. There are exceptions I'm sure.
  • I wouldn't recommend it if the "baring" is showing a weakness! I think kids need to always see their parents as strong and invincible! But if those kids are now ADULTS, I don't see the "harm" in it!
  • It would be a selfish act, that would result in more harm than good.
  • My soul is perfect, I'll bare it to anyone.
  • Not as a general rule, but sometimes circumstances may require it. I think it depends on whether the baring of the soul is to help the child with an issue they have or merely to aid the parent.
  • No, that's not a good idea, you're supposed to be their rock of security - let them keep that as their memories of you. Find a therapist.
  • Hell no, because if you made a whole lot of mistakes they will go out and make the same or worse mistakes. They will even throw in your face. My kids don't skip a beat and since I'm so hard on them they would be the first to throw it up in my face so that I can't tell them anything else anymore.
  • ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! While you can share some things with your children, as some life experiences can be beneficial (speaking to a child who smokes about your bout with lung cancer) however, most things would not help, and would likely cause some sort of 'trauma' to the child as a result. For example, I wouldn't tell my children about me being gang-raped as a child. I would expect that they would just end up having anxiety as a result, either that something would happen to them, or to me again. My soul is to cloaked with injuries to bare it to anyone but my husband and my therapist... So no... but even if my soul weren't so broken, I still don't think I'd share everything with my children.
  • I think there is a balance. If your children are teens, there is a lot you can share with them that would be beneficial @ specific stages of their lives. To bare all for the sake of baring ALL.....NOT COOL! Kids DO NOT need to carry your burden of insecurities, worries or problems. They have enough to carry of their own. Some things are better left unsaid.
  • No. Not as a general rule. However, if you wait until they are fully grown and emotionally mature you can share with them when they have problems that need some solving. Showing that they are not alone in these problems and insecurities and how you solved may be helpful.
  • No, however when asked by our children questions that need answering a parent needs to be and should be honest and truthful in their reply. Unlike some folks I know that have adult child that still to this day....lie to them!
  • That depends on what is in the bare soul. If it involves sex with animals.... NO.
  • Only if the parents don't mind being blackmailed at the most inappropriate times
  • No.. becasue If they did it would be a first..unless they were in court under's anathema to being a parent
  • It depends on the family situation. To me, the circumstances would have to be monumental in order for me to tell it all, to my children. A family tragedy or upcoming death would only be just cause.
  • Only in telling them how much they mean to you. Sometimes children can't look past our parenting and think we do and say things (rules) to torment them and miss out on the underline reasoning behind rules. Its not about making our life easier except to keep them safe. It good to remind them everyonce in while that as much as we wish to keep them smiling we desire their long term health and happiness more than our own.
  • No,just their teeth.
  • No, they should bare their souls to me, because I'm the devil, disguised as a cannibal! MWHAHAHA!!! >:o

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