• No, not personally but i know of millions that gave their all for the greed of those who make wars possible.
    • Linda Joy
      Way to honor the fallen, most of whom volunteered to fight and die for a cause they believed in. Way to TRY and steal their honor and belittle the cause they fought for. God chose to bless you with the opportunity to live free because they died for it even if you choose to be unappreciative.
    • Thinker
      Linda, I have said this before in other posts. All who are in the military both living and dead are heroes. I too served not because I wanted to but because I had to. Wars are not about freedom. Wars are for greed, politics, and land acquisition and usually a combination of all three. Wars make the rich richer. The Rothschild's probably know this best as they have made trillions of dollars from war. I am not trying to take anything for those of us who served and those who died, only for the false belief wars are fought for freedom.
    • Linda Joy
      I just think it speaks to who you are when you take the opportunity to honor these heroes ... a question obviously designed to recognize them and instead use it to promote your anti war agenda. Couldn't even have chosen to post your own question with your own agenda, you wanted to spread your crap here instead of honoring our dead? I don't disagree with your anti war stance. I don't disagree with your right to express your opinion I just think it's very disrespectful for you to go about it like this instead of choosing to respect and honor our fallen brothers and sisters in this question.
    • Thinker
      I am sorry you misunderstand what I am saying.
  • i dont really know anyone thats been in the military
  • I didn't know anyone. Maybe odd but In a large Ziploc have many red poppies from Remembrance Day past years. Every day these poppies I see. Will think greatly what they done for us.

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