• Its called "faffing about". Besides... the hair straighteners need to warm up... and what am I going to wear?
  • Women have more to do than men do.. I don't know about TWO hours though, but I guess he depends on the occasion. Makeup(can take FOREVER, even when you're trying to look "natural" and just adding neutral or nude colors on your face). Hair(this can take a long time depending on how you do it). Nails. Clothes(you don't always wear the first thing you put on). Shoes. Jewelry. Showering(which includes washing more hair than you, probably more places than you, shaving... which takes a LONG time). There are lotions and creams to put on. Hair to dry if you wash it. That's just the basic stuff... some women do more than that.
  • My ex used to get infuriated with me for this, and even when I tried to be quick I was slow by his standards. It all takes a lot of time: showering, getting dried, moisturising, getting dressed, changing your mind about what to wear, trying on something else, going back to the first thing, changing your mind again, drying your hair, styling it, applying a bit of make up, brushing your hair again, drying it a bit more, restyling it, changing your top again, searching for your handbag, going to the toilet, brushing your teeth, checking your hair again, rummaging in your handbag to make sure you've got what you need, checking your mobile, putting on your shoes and jacket, selecting a scarf, checking hair and make up again, sending a text to a friend and a quick look round to see you haven't forgotten anything. All that can't be done in 30 minutes now, can it?
  • I am getting a bag of popcorn for this show!
  • i get ready in like 10 minutes she just cares a lot about her appearance i guess
  • I need 40 minutes washing hair, showering, dressing.
  • Wow, you take a whole 30 minutes? My husband and I can both take under that, sometimes just 10-15 minutes is enough without bathing. I've never figured out what women OR men do for so long to get ready. I plan what I'll wear the day before, or just have things that are easy to put together in a moment's notice. Even when I wore a bit of make-up, it only took 15-20 minutes to get ready. And my husband always though I looked terrific.
  • You have a high maintenance girly girl on your hands. If you saw me, you would hurl. I just wash and get dressed. I do nothing fancy to my hair or nails and don't wear any make up. I can get ready in less than 30 minutes and 20 minutes of it is shower time.
  • Well, for one, you shave your face... We shave our legs, among other things. We have longer hair that we need to wash -and- condition... and then blow-dry. My hair is so thick it takes me nearly 20 minutes to get it all dry. A lot of women moisturize their whole body when they get out of the shower. Think about how much surfce area that is and how long that would take to do. Then, picking clothing and shoes that matches. Then doing the make-up. You get ready in 30 minutes because you take a quick shower that is washing hair and body. You shave. You put on clothing that normally doesn't take much coordination... and one of the three pairs of shoes you own.
  • that is when women have a date and esp. if they are seeing someone who they fancy so much, 2 hours is not enough. it happened to me once, i spent almost 4hrs just to get ready... wink
  • I agree, it takes me a fraction of the time it takes her to have my my shower, shave and getting into my suit. My lady, like most women, has fun, they enjoy doing themselves up and as far as I am concerned she can take all the time she wants, as long as she feels happy, doesn't complain and she must be ready when the time has come to move.
  • Women just like to be all fancy. i never got that with my mother, it takes her 3 hours to get ready. It takes me 30 mins tops to get ready for me. 10 mins shower, and the rest of the time is just finding my good clothes. But most of the time jeans and a tshirt after the shower.
  • Ahhhh, they fuss over their hair (curling; straightening,) they want to find the perfect outfit, put makeup on and all that jazz.
  • You are slow. I can be ready in ten minutes. Army training. +5
  • from what i have observed since i have family members who are female. It makes them feel good and when one receives compliments it goes along way to have someone acknowledge their efforts they put into something they feel is important to them. Besides they are putting into practise the word discipline and that is always a good thing in my books ...
  • Lol, it doesn't take all of us that long, it only takes me an hour and a half! It just takes me that long if I do my hair. It's really thick, so it takes me forever to blow-dry it. Then I have to straighten it because I'll look like I have a afro if I don't. :-D +5
  • in grad school, there once was this girl who caked on the make-up. one day, she looked different. i told her that she looked beautiful! she said that it was because she wasn't wearing any make up that day! well, if you're prettier without it, don't wear it. of course, sometimes it is a gift that the woman gives to you, whether you want it or not, she might want to give that to you. don't ask me ... !!!
  • She is beautiful because she takes 2 hours a day to take care of herself and keep it up. You are lucky to have someone that cares so much.
  • Your are obviously in a high maintenance while you can... I care how I look and it only takes me about 35-40 minutes including a shower.
  • It depends on where I'm going.If I'm going to an art opening,I do like to take a long bubble bath,then get my outfit together,brush or polish shoes,clean jewelry,hair ,makeup,all while happily flitting about the house singing songs such as this..Wooooooo-hooooooo!Efforts such as this do not go unnoticed. If I am going for a hike,then Marine Corp cover,jeans and a top of some sort.5 minutes for that...and this is an appropriate song for such an occasion!woo-hoo.;)
  • Despite having a vagina and ovaries, I get ready much faster than you. So am I a man, then? That aside, women are often judged more harshly on their appearance, which means more maintenance for many -- make up, shaving, etc. -- but aside from that sort of thing, it depends on the person, not the gender as a whole.
  • I've been married for 26 years and the only thing I can tell you is, DON'T say that you can't see a difference :D

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