• I most certainly do care. I care about how well they've been cooked.
  • Your question is incorrectly written. Those who don't care about animals are NOT "people." They are what Texans call, "Turds." +5
  • Absolutly
  • I hate it!!! They have feelings as well and some people dont care. I mean I see them the same as human really I like them better then human. I want dogs and cats not kids lol they love you forever and never talk :D I HATE ALL YOU PEOPLE THAT ARE MEAN TO ANIMALS AND DONT CARE!!
  • I feel sad... yes especially people who treat dogs badly... or treat like... HARMLESS animals badly... Like i mean... wild animals that are HARMFUL... we should do something about. But those cute... HARMLESS animals???? The people who don't care about them are just like... like... WOW~!!!
  • i do care for animals and i dont like the people who treat them like shit :(
  • I don't hate them, but I do lose respect for them.
  • I don't hate them. There are many people who don't like animals for different reasons. The ones I don't like are the ones who enjoy harming them in any way. This video is NOT for children! It makes me cry.
  • No. Everyone is different. People who harm them for no reason I hate, but if someone grew up not caring for them, so what? Some people don't like babies. That alone doesn't make them bad people. That being said, I don't care much for people who care more for animals than humans.
  • says the guy that kidnaps turtles!!! JACKASS
  • Don't hate them just want them to pay if they abuse them. If they don't care about them fine just stay away from them.
  • I hate people who are ignoring the fact that there are children starving, abused, neglected, and in great need... they are instead giving their time, attention, and energy to animals. Maybe if kids learn to grow fur and lick their butt clean people will start caring for them more too. Of course being an animal lover can make you quite famous, take Hitler for example. He was an animal rights activist and some of the very first animal rights laws were passed in Nazi Germany. By the very nature of man, in this particular category, it is a choice of who has more worth and who you will help and be concerned for.
  • I don't hate people who don't care about animals, though believe it says a lot about their personality and character. I do, however, hate people who go beyond not caring to abusing animals. People who are in my life must care about animals because they are an integral part of my life.
  • I don't "HATE" them ; i just don't like them too much ... +5
  • I don't hate them but its hard to understand. They give so much unconditionally whats not to love? +5
  • I "don't care about " animals - in that i do not keep pets, do not like pets, and do not want animals in my home or anywhere hear me (except in my fridge) But.. I care very much about how they are treated by others. I consider carefully any meat that I buy, to ensure that the animal has been well treated before it gets to my table. So... do you hate me?
  • Is far from annoying,but i will not believe those people have a kind-heart.
  • Yup, people who hate animals are evil and disgusting. I have 0 respect for them.
  • It is very discontenting that is for sure. However, hate, never accomplishes anything. Hate only breeds more hate, and it spreads to every conscious being in the universe! "All you need is love." John Lennon
  • I don't hate them cos they are still people but I wish they would be more compassionate. Animals have feelings too!!!
  • No. I try not hate anyone, even if they don't care about animals.
  • I certainly love animals, I love pork, steaks, bacon, lamb and venison. I think people who don't care about animals are called vegetarians or vegans.
  • I don't care one way or the other about animals. But as a Christian, it is my responsibility to care FOR them, as a good steward of this planet. And I suppose there will be people out there who do indeed hate me for this attitude. I don't much care about them either. They have their reward.
  • no I have no time for hate, ive nothing to learn their anymore. as for the abusers I agree with Aristad but instead of resorting to harm I would go with petnapping :D

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