• Get good legal representation and defend yourself. Countersue if necessary. Threatening to sue you if you don't pay them is a form of extortion.
  • I always heard that if you get rear ended, it's always the other guy's fault regardless of who was moving. Sue him for damaging YOUR car and let the system decide.
  • yep. if you were backing out and he slammed into your car, then take pictures of the back / side of your car. if it's the back / back, you might have a fight. . first, i think that the manager is bluffing and full of zebra manure!!! . that said, give one set of the pix to the apartment complex manager with a copy of the code that cites that you were in the right and a copy of a letter you have written to a lawyer (somebody you know but maybe haven't retained yet). tell the manager that you're prepared to sue them based on this evidence. . good luck!
  • I may be in the minority here but I always heard that the person backing out is responsible for making sure the area is clear. But of course, get a legal consultation so you know your rights.
  • First, was there a police report? If not, it's your word against theirs. If it was truly their fault, don't back down, tell them to go ahead and sue. What about your car? Any damage? If it's their fault, your insurance should go after them. If they sue you, your insurance should represent you.
  • Thanks for the information everyone. There was very little damage done to my car. In fact he hit the trailer hitch on the back of my car. The golf cart has a plastic shell (body) on the golf cart and that plastic cracked. The manager began to act irate and tried to call the police but the cops said that it was done on private property and that they wouldn't get involved. I'm not going to back down, thanks everyone.
  • Sadly, it sounds as though you were not backing in a safe manner. YOU were backing up. If it were another car you would be at fault, does it really make any difference what TYPE of vehicle you completely ignored?
  • this is why there is auto insurance. let the insurance agent handle any communication with the golfcart driver.
  • The type of vehicle completely matters! If it had been another car then it is your fault. Cars are big enough to be able to spot backing up. Street vehicles (scooters, golf carts, etc) are required to yield for cars because they are more difficult to spot. Now if you backed up at excessive speed or another wreckless way, they have a case. I doubt they have any evidence though. I would hire a $200 laywer for advice and explain things to him. Let the complex know you are seeking legal counsel as well which means they cannot do anything until your laywer speaks to them. If your car got damaged then what about your compensation to fix it? Laywer isthe best option. :)

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