• Perhaps the daughter refuses to take the pills and the mother is worn out from trying to help her.
  • A bad one, and a good one at the very same time. I hate pharmaceuticals! But if she was already on them, she needed to be weeded off if that was even the issue at all? They are NOT for children. Nor for adults actually. Not in my opinion anyway
  • I think maybe pills aren't always the best answer. how about some open conversation with Mother? Do you really wanna do some drugs or do you wanna have a family?
  • There are many possibilities my friend, one of which is that she is mentally unstable. That is not a natural response of a parent on behalf of a child. So something is very wrong. Maybe she is on drugs or drunk or suffering from depression and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. If she was previously a good mom and has changed then something is causing it.
  • I do not know the circumstances.
  • a normal mother with normal circumstances would never be that way.
  • An annoying one? Is there anyone else that could get them, or provide a lift?
  • An emotionally abusive one. She has a lot of baggage to haul around and she's expecting her daughter to help carry the bags. She needs alot of psychological help but will probably never get it because to her, it's everyone elses fault.
  • maybe one that is totally against succumbing to all this PILL taking or maybe a trully self centered one...don't I don't know her side.....
  • A terrible selfish mother who puts her own needs over the needs of her children. First mistake was that she let her daughter get depressed, second mistake was that she failed to allow her daughter to seek help. These types of mothers do not deserve children. They might as well shoot themselves and make the world a better place.
  • It's not so big of an issue, being that antidepressants take a while to work anyway. If the mother absolutely refused to pick them up at all rather than when she's not busy, then I think that there is something wrong with that.
  • A terrible mother. You are ill and if you don't get your pills you're gonna start getting some pretty nasty side effects. When my mum ran out of pills she was paralysed for 2 days where her body just went into shock!! Do you have a father, brother, sister, friend or even a nice neighbour that could perhaps give you a lift? Failing that you could always call your doctor or hospital, if they are aware of your condition and you have nobody to help i am sure somebody could drop them to you after work afterall you are their patient. Actually does your doctor do call outs or home visits? If so book one.
  • With the limited information given, I can't really say. Off the top of my head, however, I'd say she probably should not have become a mother in the first place...but that's water under the bridge, as they say. If you're the daughter, I can only express regrets, and urge you to seek out alternatives to this and any other dependence on this person for your well-being. Face it, your grow-up time may already be long overdue. +5
  • Maybe the mother needs the same pills - maybe.
  • My guess would be that she is a mother who needs anti-depressants. There is a strong hereditary component to depression and particularly to bipolar. Maybe your mom needs them worse than you do.
  • A mother that obviously has other things to do, Why cant you call the doctors office and have them mail the prescriptions to you or sent to the place that fills them, like Walgreens. Get a friend or family member to drive you to the doctors, or take a bus, you need to be responsible for yourself, I am sure you arent 10 years old.
  • The mother who probably had something to do with the daughter being depressed in the first place. So the daughter shouldn't have false hopes of the mother magically turning into the medicine fairy when her prescriptions are ready.
  • One who thinks the daughter is an adult and should be doing things herself?
  • When I was depressed and was referred to counselling, my mother refused to mind my 3 year old for me to get there. I had to explain to my sons nursery teacher why I needed him to remain in school for the afternoon when he was only supposed to be there mornings. My mother was of the opinion you should "pull yourself together". She had no conception of depression as an illness that could be disabling. To her it was a weakness I should get over. Does your mother perhaps not understand the concept of depression as an illness? Otherwise there is no excuse.
  • The kind of mother that is selfish and self-centred. I know the daughter who is in this particular situation, she is unable to walk for long distances and therefore has to use a wheelchair she also does not drive. Not only is she on antidepressants she is also on other medication for pain control due to her legs and she is also on medication for a stomach problem. She is totally dependant on her mother who appears not to be concerned with her daughters wellbeing, however, when there is something wrong with her partner or herself she does not waste any time in going to the doctor. The daughter is not spoilt in any way it is just that she is dependant on the people who are supposed to love her, I also live in the UK but I live about 300 miles away from her so I cannot help her as I would like to. Her mother does this to her every month when she needs a new prescription and if she does not take her medication she will be very ill and would also be in a lot of pain. There is a lot more that I could say about the way this daughter is treated by her family but I won't all I ask is that people don't judge her because she has been to hell and back and everyday is a struggle for her and what she needs and would appreciate is lots of encouragement not negative comments because there is a much bigger picture going on here it's not just about her mother not picking her medication.
  • The one who shouldnt have been a mom!!!! Thats one of the basic things a mom do, takeing care of her kids, and that includes the kids' health! Maybe thats why the poor girl is on antidepressants???
  • Not a very good mother in my opinion. I know if you could get it yourself Littlegrey, you would ... she should know that you really need your medication and should be happy to get it for you. I hope you're able to get your driver's license soon so you can be more mobile and less reliant on her ... Good luck with that my friend.
  • A really bad mother.

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