• It's inconvenient to look at the issue from the child's point of view. They say a society is judged by how it treats its weakest members. Who is weaker than an unborn child?
  • Honestly, I am very happy to be alive, but if my mom would have decided to take an abortion, I could fully understand. Actually under the circumstances she was in, I think she should have had an abortion. In that case I would never have become an aware individual, so I would not have had any problems with it. And the truth is also that I would have been spared a whole lot of suffering in my childhood. If you have life, you better make the best of it. And I became pretty good at that. But again, I think she would have made a better choice going for abortion. Nevertheless, I really do love my life. But if I would have been aborted, I would not have known life anyway, so there was no loss.
  • I would say no for the fact that I support the fact that a person has the right to an abortion if they feel it is right for them however I personally wouldn't go down that route. I am a man so it would be silly for me to have an abortion but you understand what I mean. Mostly because if you have two parents and are in a financially secure position then I don't see an excuse for an abortion. But yeah.
  • yawn...
  • get over it
  • Most pro-choice people I know do not think abortion is "fine" Sadly sometimes abortion is the best option. I am sick of hearing anti-choice people come at those of us who support choice with questions or accusations like yours that portray pro-choice people as happy about abortion or blithely uncaring. We are not. Oh, if you want to talk about hypocritical tell me why not one major pro-life group supports birth control? You don't want women to have abortions but you don't want women to prevent pregnancy either. Then on top of that a majority of pro-life (really anti-choice) voters do not support public programs for child health care, education programs, sex education or any other programs that support the children already here. They are as a group much more likely to support the death penalty as well. Talk about hypocrites. Oh, and let's not forget the so called "pro-life" sites on the net that glorify people who have killed doctors that perform abortions. Watch out where you point your finger and what you say...the so called pro-life movement is thick with hypocrites.
  • Because they haven't thought this through in a logical manner. If they had in fact been aborted, then they would be dead and not sentient enough to feel hurt by it. So there's no reason for them to even think about how they'd feel about being aborted.
  • it's judgement, same as your post, or opinion I should say. who wants to die, who wishes they were never born. I see, you're calling it cold blooded murder. how about suicide, millions do it every year. In Hell in peace, in purgatory. I do suppose. How does Heaven ever fill up, is it finite or infinite, how do new bodies souls come to fruition. I see, now i've not put a question mark, even tho' I see these are questions now.
  • How is it hypocritical to say that it is o.k. for someone else to do something of their choosing even if you do not agree with it yourself? I think it is open minded and unjudgemental. Would you prefer telling someone they shouldn't eat turnips because you hate them.
  • Well I am not an abortion supporter, I am pro choice. Do I think it is fine? No I think it is sad. I think the question is hard to answer for the simple fact that as fully sentient beings we have awareness of our ultimate demise, somethign a fetus does not have. To ask someone who has been around for a number of years if they wish to die, which is in effect what you are doing, is probably going to get you a resounding no every time. However, to ask a fetus would get you no response at all. Personally, I do think my mother would have been better off using contraception and not having half the children she did. But contraception was not readily available in her day, nor was abortion.
  • If I had been aborted, I would never have existed in the first place. Yes, I'm glad to be alive and therefore glad that I was not aborted. However, I'm EQUALLY glad that my mother and father had sex on that particular day, that they did not use a contraceptive, that they met each other in the first place, that their sex resulted in a fertilised ovum, and that of the millions of sperms and eggs that might have combined, it happened to be the particular egg and sperm that produced me. In short, I'm pleased with all of the circumstances that eventually led to my existence - none of them are more important than the other.
  • Every day, I make a conscious choice to not impregnate random women. That's millions of potential children who's lives I've snuffed out before they had a chance in the world. Logically, I should go back in time and convince my dad not to knock my mother up. It's only fair.
  • Some people are just really into abortion. They just like it being done for whatever sick reason.
  • That's the most ridiculous question I've seen on the subject.

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