• I love all children but I have none of my own
  • I love all children although I love mine most and there are a few I don't LIKE much.
  • I don't not love others peoples kids. But i am much closer with my own, my nephews and friend's children, than complete strangers.
  • All children are little miracles and I love them but there are some that I dont care to be around. I love mine more than my own life.
  • I love all children and wish I had my own.
  • I love most children, especially my own. There are some kids that are just tough to love, not by any fault of their own, but by the behavior that they learned or were taught by their parents (disrespect, vulgarity, aggression, etc). When kids reflect the essense of their bad parents, you despise the parents and it's hard not to feel the same towards the kids when they mirror the parent.
  • I love just mine. I don't even like most other kids, much less love them.
  • i love all kids. i think they are so adorable even when they get on my nerves i mean that is what kids are supposed to do. i love being around kids, i love all very much of course the love i have for all kids doesnt come near the love i have for my son. they are too different types of llove even though they are children. i love my child as a mother...i have mother heart felt love for my son...for the other kids is just a i love innocence know, kids are happy people and they make me happy to be around them kind of love. you know what i mean?
  • I love my child. I love my brothers' children. I really like my friends' children. I like well-behaved children I don't know. I tolerate all others.

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