• If you know that for a fact, I'd just walk away without giving her the satisfaction of one word. Let her suffer knowing exactly what she did while you go on to find someone who will treat you properly. I wouldn't waste any valuable energy on her at all.
  • grow up and stop caring about making her feel bad. wanting her to feel bad means she is still important to you. you gotta invert the genders but make yourself the "she" in this song
  • Just crawl back under your rock, and let the tide carry her away. more fish in the sea. ... ... auh just how invested are the 2 of you in each other?
  • cheat back (with a hot chick) and let her find out her self . then she wil be crushed !
  • OK, here's a clue about life and dating: Like it or not, life throws you curves like this. Dating is all about learning who the other person is, what they're like, having fun with each other, etc. Not EVERY person you date will turn out to be the ideal person to be with, for one reason or another. Part of dating is learning when to draw the line and break it off when you discover it isn't going to work out. Part of that process is simply breaking up...and walking away. This wanting to cause her a lot of pain is bullsh*t. There is no purpose in that except to make her feel like dirt at your own profit. And that says a lot about who YOU are. It doesn't matter what she did...if it isn't going to work out; break up, go your separate ways, and stay out of each other's lives. Life is too short to waste it on petty stuff like that.
  • Why do these questions keep popping up I must be really old. Here is a little story the last girl I dated before my wife was an attention whore. Flirty with every guy. I sucked it up cause I had feelings for her and figured I did the same thing to some degree so harmless. Well one night I call her and she is out? Come to find out she was at another guys house innocent or not c c see ya. Turns out a few months later after I am datng my wife she popped up some where and I guess had some kind of freak out cause she saw me with another girl. 25 years later she finds me on the net and we start talking and all through the process I get the feeling she may have regretted her decison. Will your girlfriend who knows? But if she is hooking up with a guy that takes other guys girls then she may possibly regret her decision too. Move on leaving her with the knowledge of what she is losing. She may end up in the world of bouncing around cause many times this other type of guy is just out for fun. hurtzsogood
  • 1st- be the better person. u already made the right decision to leave. totally delete her out of your life. change you number. this will kill her. make her seem as if she meant nothing to you.
  • Dump her and act like it doesn't bother you at all. Don't talk to her if she tries to talk to you. Just ignore her.
  • Just leave her and tell her why. Trying to make her feel bad just indicates that you're not done with the relationship. Let it go.
  • Just BREAK UP !! Don't prolong this failed relationship by hanging around and playing her skank ass games .... Take a break for awhile and then find yourself a lady who knows how to appreciate a good man and treat him well without all the cheating ... +5
  • If she has any honor, she already feels bad. If she does not, she isn't worth your time or your tears. Tell her since you can no longer trust her, you can no longer see her. Then move on.
  • just leave nd say i never new you were that type of wrong was i. (p.s. sorry)
  • Tell her that that you want to break up because she has gained weight and is no longer attractive...
  • Start looking for another GF. Hey!, this is a great opening line. Tell her you got cheated on and you don't know how long it will take before you can love again.
  • just break up with her! who cares how she feels!
  • Take it from experience, if she cheated on you, quit wasting your time on her, including what she thinks.

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