• It depends on a woman. If you are home alone (only the two of you), she might want to take time just enjoying it. If the kids are home, she doesn't want to get caught by them if that's the case for you. We had sex for an hour last week end, just before/almost the end we were interrupted twice, had to finish it the next morning (see the kids do to you all the times !!! how can you relax ?). Ship them off to grandma's or get a hotel is the option I guess.
  • Okay anon, if your wife ever gets tired of you, call me. I would love to have my breasts played with but I would insist on getting more than just that too. I've even asked my husband to just suck on them a little knowing he's not in the mood and won't be interested in doing anything else. Sex is sooooo frustrating!!!! Why can't the ones that enjoy it be with others that enjoy it? Maybe she's really busy and just doesn't want to take the time out for sex. Guess not, you did say your kids have moved out. Mine are gone too and I thought this would be a great time in our lives, sex whenever and where ever we wanted it. Unfortunately only one of us wants it.
  • i hear you and wish i knew better what to do
  • Did you marry my ex?

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