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  • I think you doing something nice for her would make her feel better. I'm not talking about buying her flowers either. Like a whole day dedicated to her, where you make her feel like the beautiful woman she is.
  • Don't let other men help bost your wifes self esteem, you should be doing that! dressing sexy is a good idea and you should both do it privately...make sure you compliment your wife often and be spontaneous...maybe organise a secret romantic trip and surprise her :)
  • NOPE ... If she is lacking self esteem ; then YOU need to be bragging on her looks , how she keeps house, her cooking, and her love making ETC ... M O R E !! That will increase her self esteem MORE than a stranger ... +5
  • This sounds a bit too much like a male sexual fantasy for it to have been her idea. Stop thinking with your reproductive organs and start thinking with your heart. If you really want to help your wife's self esteem... talk to her. And this time try listening. Hope this helps.
  • How about you put some effort into cheering her up - pay her some attention and make life interesting instead of prostituting her for what inevitably will be your ego boost rather than hers! If she is anything like the rest of us she'll come out of herself a bit if you pay her some compliments, make time for her, talk to her and tell her you love her - maybe it is you who is making her life boring; what do you do TOGETHER to make her happy?
  • Dude, do your job & make her feel good!!! It's really not that hard.
  • Sure! let her go out looking all sexy and get her self esteem boosted by some nice sweet guy that sees her for the woman she is, tells her how sexy she is, actually talks to her, you know does your job. When she doesn't come home, don't be surprised! Your the one that wanted another man to do your job!
  • Getting hit on by strangers because I am dressed up does not boost my ego. It actually makes me feel pretty cheap - like I am just a piece of meat. My husband taking the time to make me feel beautiful, special and loved would boost my ego. We care about the opinions of those we love most of all.
  • No. I would recommended she take a class or get a job -- something that is just for her. Also, volunteer work is very uplifting and self-worth validating.
  • That sounds awful! Why do you think that would help?? You should make an effort to make your wife feel valued in your relationship, not whore her out to other men.
  • You have to make her feel special, buy her some new clothes favorite perfume tell her she is amazing....If you don't someone else will and you will loose her..
  • That kind of thing is more likely to please a guy than a girl. A guy needs to feel desired by women - including especially his wife. A woman needs to feel desired by their s/o. It's basic evolutionary biology and psychology inherited from our primate ancestors. Evolution has instilled in men an instinct to want to want sex with, and thereby to impregnate, as many women as possible. (It's how the species survived.) Women, in evolutionary terms, could only carry and nurse one baby at a time, and so instinctively would seek out one mate who could father strong offspring and protect them. (When a woman becomes pregnant, certain changes in her body chemistry alter her pheromones and that affects the guy, temporarily reducing his aggressiveness, including sexual aggressiveness. Even falling asleep after sex is an evolutionary offshoot. It was designed to keep the male around the female. Otherwise he would follow his instincts and wander off to find more women to impregnate.) Well, we are long past our primate ancestors, but some of those instincts still linger to some degree. Males tend to feel that sex proves their manhood. For women, sex tends to suggest being loved and belonging. Put another way, this is on you, guy. If you tell her to go out and, in effect, find other men, she is apt to feel unloved, and hence worse. This is one time when you are reading your wife's mindset through a male psychology. You need to think more like her and what she would like, and less like you and what you would like. (By the way, if it helps, loving sex with her AFTER an evening of romance, would help her - and you probably wouldn't complain either.)

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