• you need the latest version of shockwave
  • I don't know what to say :) but try your wires,yeah there might be a problem with your wires or cords try it i hope this helps;if not restart your computer,let it load,once you have checked your cords or wires [don't know what to call them].See if this works if this doesn't work try loading those websites of yours then try it again,or there might be a problem with your computer that seems like the best explination :) i hope:P
  • 7-5-2017 I had that problem recently and it turned out to be my antivirus. It suddenly turned wonky and I couldn't delete it. I had to boot in safe mode, log in as administrator, and physically delete all the files and directories, then search through the registry and delete all references to that program. I have no idea what happened to make it behave that way. But now I am able to log in at all sites.

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