• Yes. I would give you at least an 8.5. That is about that size, though her close friend maybe your clone. :)
  • And how exactly are they supposed to rate you if you don't show a picture? When you don't show a picture, they'd be rating the person in their imaginations, not "you".
  • i love curvy women. hard to rate you without seeing you. Your measurements will look very different depending on shape.
  • I'd give you a 10. I love real women. Can't get into the skinny supermodel types.
  • I dont like big women, but thats just me, i am shallow and into the super model type.
  • REAL women have curves!!!!!!
  • I like most women. I don't like women who are narcisicists. For instance. Every sentence starts with I, me, my. My hair, my nails. I hate, I think that people love me. yadda yadda yadda. Its' no wonder over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Men are even worse. I look right past pretty for inner beauty. Yes a size 12 is very nice.
  • Here's my favorite song on the subject! Curvy Girls (Jolly Rogers) I‘ve traveled all over and one thing I have found Skinny girls have nothing to wrap your arms around I‘ve been to every corner of this great big world And found there’s nothing better than a curvy, curvy girl Chorus: Nothing can compare with the natural curves I love. Even when I’m sleeping it’s curvy girls I dream of Curvy girls are lovely curvy girls are great Curvy girls make me want to master…my own fate So if you are out there looking listen to these tips Find an ample bosom and some child bearing hips An hour glass figure with all the curves just right That’s the best thing in the world to keep you warm at night. Chorus I know those waifish models are what they say are hot But what I am looking for those girls they just ain’t got I’ll stick with these curvy girls that give me so much joy And you can keep the models that look like pre-teen boys. Chorus More than a handful’s wasted well I say that’s just bull For I have two good hands and they should both be full If you want my attention well here’s a sure bet All you need to do is flash me your curvy silhouette Chorus x2
  • I may or may not find your shape appealing, but there's really a lot more than that to you, isn't there? One of the most beautiful women I know is almost round. However, she has the loveliest face ever, long, curly dark hair, a smile that could launch ships. She's also smart as a whip, quick-witted and funny as hell. She's big-time attractive. (Pun not intended.)
  • Another one fishing for comments.
  • I thought I answered this the other day! I prefer curvy women! Who wants to drive a sports car down a straight, narrow road!
  • Need photo to rate you
  • All women are losers unless they have personality *imho*
  • PHOTOS speak louder than "figure"..just put up your picssss...then we can rate sweeite..hehe
  • OMG FCK YEAH i love a sexy curvy women as she has more sexy curves and a big soft ass :) From what you have said i would say you sound very hot! One thing is you have remember is most guys love the soft body shape of a women reguaradless of the variety
  • Hi whoever you are. Found your link on the web as I search for the correct sort of dress to buy for my wedding. I too am 5' and size 12 with 36F boobs and a curvy (but not too big) bum. My other half loves my curves and adores me. I do loads of gym work to keep my curves firm and keep cellulite at bay. I also know that I have a smile that would melt ice - even my dentist says that - and friends say it too, so I am celebrating the fact that most men I speak to say the love curves (real women have curves apparently) so celebrate yourself, who gives a f*** what people think of you if the ones you love, love you in return. Bless you, I bet you're a simply lovely woman.
  • I find it is a woman's personality, who humor and what she is willing to give of herself that I appreciate the most. My first wife was 4'11" and very petite in every way. Wife 2 was 5'4" and heavy set with what Monty Python referred to as "big tracks of land." Wife 3, is the best of all. Well proportioned, loving, giving and noisy when a woman should be. Third time is a charm!
  • A picture would be good. Size isn't the deciding factor for me, but if you don't shower, lost all of your teeth and you're bald then we might have some issues...
  • Of course, that's the only woman I feel the most attracted to. You would go to the top of my list :) A lot of plus size women don't know how much men like them, but you are desired much more than those skinny lame women, they don't have any curves or feminine features. They look like men with long hair lol.
  • well in my perspective, attraction rates first to last as follows: overall appearance (breast/body/derierre proportion/facial structure and features) voice-overall tone and sound how she carries herself around personality character (loyalty, love, curiosity, courage, etc.) personal values/morals everything else... but women like you would be rated, on a 1-10 scale, around an 8 or so, but if you had amazing facial features and hair to match, then you'd be around a 9 to a 10! so yes, for the most part, curvy women are very attractive-i think curves exemplify the femininity of a woman.
  • Fishing for comments, just want to hear good things....what man doesn't want a woman with curves...I swear, the things women do to boast themselves up
  • And thank God they do. Otherwise you full-figured gals would have all the men. But I would point out that those of us who are smaller or slighter-figured have all the same curves but on us they are less, well, pronounced.

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