• I probably would have some thought about it, but no reaction. I mean, how should we "react" when we see somebody exercising her/his rights? Even if I think is wrong.
  • That poor baby will probably be born with low birth weight and possibly mental retardation with lifetime problems. How neglectful.
  • What a bitch.
  • My mother smoked during her pregnancies, lots of women in the 50's and 60's did. And they also taught their children to mind their own business.
  • I would shrug and walk away. I quit smoking for my first pregnancy and due to all of the stress I was under I had a miscarriage. Stress is a big factor in miscarriage and I wouldn't want to add any to an expectant mother. Miscarriage is more harmful to a fetus then cigarettes.
  • According to the liberals,its her body, her choice and those of us who actually think that thats a real baby growing inside should never speak up for we "dont know what she's going thru" but smoking while pregnant is less dangerous to the child than the abortion clinic.
  • I pity the poor bastard who got her pregnant............
  • I don't smoke.I am almost fifty and many people in my generation did. I have no feelings either way about smoking really. You do not know this woman. You are not her spouse, doctor or religious adviser. You don't know if this is the only cigarette she ever smoked or her twentieth of the day. Mind your own business.
  • I will keep in view her age and if she is younger and seems sensitive, I will go to her and inform that she is damaging someone's live!
  • LOL... HOW...pray tell, is a woman BLATANTLY pregnant? By gum, you put a smile on my face!
  • I asked a highly intelligent woman I (otherwise) respected why she continued to smoke during her pregnancy and crying, she said "I am addicted and I can't help myself"
  • Such are the whimsies of the people of the world. For all my concerned intentions, there must be thrall for intention to find result, and my thrall does not extend to the edges of the world. I pray for the child and continue on.
  • That's her business, even if I don't approve. And I'd leave her to her business without harassing her about it.
  • I smoked during my pregnancies (I did cut down alot though). My doctor was fine with it and both of my children were born just fine and healthy. Its not like drinking alcohol or doing drugs, so my answer would be to keep your nose out of it.
  • Nothing. It would be none of my business.
  • It's very ugly and stupid, but you can't go around lecturin''s too exhausting.
  • It would be so nice if there was something you could do, but that poor baby and it's health problems are going to be the only price the clueless one will have to deal with. I might say something, but I doubt it would do any good at all.
  • I would be disappointed, perhaps disgusted, but it really isn't my business. . And for the record it's not nearly as dangerous as we are told, nor is alcohol during most of pregnancy. . I'm not recommending these things, only noting that dangers are frequently inflated in order to scare people into doing what public health officials feel they should do. . A final note, I also don't have much problem with abortion but consider myself a Conservative on nearly all other issues.
  • I think it is really her choice but I think it is a bad one. And as for telling her... well one thing drilled into pregnant women's heads over and over at their hospital visits is that smoking is bad for the baby... I know because I'm 6 months pregnant and keep getting told this even though I don't smoke!
  • I'd think she's a fucking retard, but that's my right to think, as it is her right to smoke. =)
  • I would think she should at least do it in private, she surely knows people will be judging her.
  • Show her a photo of a baby with a cleft lip.

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