• No it doesnt mean she doesnt love you. She may be uncomfortable with something you're asking her to do though? Food for thought..
  • oh yea.
  • Maybe she doesn't know how. Maybe you're pressuring her too much. Maybe you're expecting too much from her.
  • Perhaps you are asking something of her that she doesn't want to do. Do you try to please her? Relationships have to be give and take. +3
  • It probably does mean she doesn't love you because it is human nature to want to please the one you love. The question is, however, pointless . Regardless of why she doesn't want to please you (assuming your expectations are reasonable) you miss out on a great deal of the emotional gratification of the relationship. Look for love someplace from someone who cares.
  • Not everytime people will gonna please you.
  • spray chlorofoam on her. that will make her unconscious. Then you can give pleasure to ur self dued. Dah. Boi.
  • Just what does that mean?
  • This doesn't precisely mean she doesn't love you, this just means that she may not be ready to go that far... at the same time, she may also be afraid to go far enough to try that.

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