• That's pretty much so. However, if you want to make an issue of it, go ahead and take it to court and let them decide for you
  • hmmmmm...I'd consult an attorney to make that determination. It all depends on the laws of particular states.
  • You don't. Your son might. Let the youngsters sort it out.
  • Your son does have rights. You may have to petition for them in court, however. He has every right to see his child and can get partial custody ar at the very least, visitation. Hopefully, the initial sting of the news will wear off and you will be able to calmy discuss this with the parents and come to an amicable agreement.
  • The mother generally retains custody, but the father generally has visitation rights. That goes along with the child support payments.
  • Your son has definitive legal right to this child. As a grandparent, you do not, however, unless you are given legal guardianship (which has to be approved by the mother and father). I suggest contacting a lawyer immediately to get this sorted out ASAP. Might I add that this is a shame... Children having children...
  • Your son is having a baby? He'll be fabulously rich! May I be the first to congradulate the happy boy being the first male ever to give birth. Actually...Your son does, but not you. He'll have even more rights if he's the one having the baby. (good luck with that) Your son might also be liable in court for having sex with a minor depending on the silly laws of your state or area. Don't be to surprised if he gets a visit and a new pair of bracelets from the local police. Ridiculous I know, but boys will be boys and idiot law makers will be idiot law makers. Make sure he pays child support regardless and get him a large box of condoms to use from now on.

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