• its not odd he still has to contribute to his kids, despite her re-marrying
  • Wow, I wish I was her child.
  • He should always want to contribute to his children's welfare and be a part of their lives. But if he has no money, there are other ways to contribute like spending time with the kids. The courts should make allowances for this situation and the wife and the new father should also, but sometimes people are just vindictive and selfish.
  • I do see a point as small as it may be. it's saying JUST 'coz your ex is rich doesn't mean you escape the responsibility of parenting.
  • I can certainly understand the argument, however the children will always be the father’s kids & by having children you commit to a life-long responsibility, so I guess it's tough luck really.
  • I personally don't think this is odd. I think Child Support should always be paid as its a contribution to the child(ren)s upbringing. Its the least someone could give to support their child(ren).
  • I understand that the children are still the father's responsibility, and as many others have mentioned, he should want to play a part in their upbringing, personally and financially. However, I have heard many stories about courts demanding huge percentages of the father's income be paid to child support, regardless of the income of the mother. In some ways the system seems designed for men to fail.
  • It is the responsibility of the children's father to contribute to their support ... that has no bearing on how much money the mother has. It doesn't seem odd to me at all. The father should be happy to do it and wish the best for his children. Child support is a child's right.
  • I think that children are expensive. And having custody on top of a full time job is a heck of a lot for that mom to manage. However, the right thing to do is to be very clear that the money is used solely for the kids. This may mean that the money is placed into a separate account. When the kids are ready for college any funds still in the account should be used towards an education. The father should feel confident that the money is used for his children. People should be honorable.
  • It sounds to me like the woman is selfish, but no, I don't find it odd....the child's father IS the child's father, after all.
  • So, if you're the ex in this story, you no longer wish to contribute ANYTHING to your children's support, huh? Sounds like a real "father of the year" sort. No matter who she marries, no matter how much she makes, she's the custodial parent of the ex's and her children. Should the guy she marries support them? Yes... To an extent. You DO know how much children cost a year? How much it will cost to send them to college? Remember that he's providing them room and board, but should he BE REQUIRED to pay for anything? No. That would be something he would have to do on his own. The FATHER is still responsible for those children. I AM a father. My ex moved in with a guy. He wasn't making that much, but I certainly wasn't going to stop my support of my children because she was living with someone. I believe it may also have to do with the state in which you live/get divorced...
  • From State to State I know that the law changes a lot for situations where income levels change for various reasons, however in California...seems like the child that was produced between the once husband and wife the court is only gonna consider the actual mother's income and father's income initially. There are many times that that very ex husband (father) realizes that the womans' household earnings has increased and will make a motion to the court either himself or through his attorney to consider the increase of income. There is a family code law that allows for such a consideration but for very particular circumstances and sorry no family law code book with me at this hour. I'm a woman and I'm mainly concerned with what is fair without leaving someone in the poor house. Agreements can be made among the two people to prevent a situation that seems unfair, but of course those two people have to be adult enough to realize that the divorce it not about hurting each other.
  • What is odd about a father supporting his own children. Surely he still wants to be part of their lives? Doesn't he still love them, even though he is divorced?
  • It is odd. But that's the way things are set up. Technically the money is supposed to be going for the kid's needs. But we both know it ain't.
  • The only thing that changes when a woman remarries is alimony. If she remarries then she would no longer be entitled to alimony. The child support is given irregardless of how much money the other person (wife)makes. If in fact you do know that the money is not going for the kids, then you need evidence. Someone just telling you on her is not enough. If someone has information then that person has to write an affidavit and it has to be notarized. Most people won't to commit to anything in writing. You could also try recording conversations and using that as evidence. Some things that husbands do, in a case like that is to pay bills directly which are regarding the children. Like Medical insurance, groceries, school clothes, etc, but you need court permission to do so. If you submit and x-amount of money and your kids dress crappy, then you could have someone take pictues and submit the pictures in to court, as evidence.

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