• Both consenting adults, therefore it's fine. Watch women insinuate that he's somehow a creep and that she's naive and being manipulated by him, while ignoring the fact that she's old enough to vote, drive and own her own business.
  • Ages really don't matter, if two people are genuinely in love. If a girl of 20 wishes to become the widow of a dude of 54, who cares? +5
  • I can only speak on behalf of myself.....I was 20 and married a 44 year old man.......June 25th 2009 we celebrated our 22 wedding anniversity hoping for 22 more years!
  • None of my business. Congratulations!
  • I hope they are in love.
  • I think age gaps are fine generally speaking but to this extent when the girl is only 20 is wrong. Women dont fully mature & know what they want in life until mid 20's. Also if youd want kids is it fair to have children with a man old enough to be their grandfather?!
  • i guess it's fine in my book, age is just a number, but that is a little much of an age gap.... he was 34 when she was born.....
  • None of my business. Go forth and be happy. ^_^
  • I think it's weird. When he was 33, she wasn't even born yet.... that sounds pretty creepy to me. But considering she is over 18, it's her choice.
  • No more than I would think of two men or two women being married, or an interacial relationship ... we judge one, we judge all ... What matters is that the two love each other and they care to enjoy and preserve all life whilst doing so ... Peace
  • I know someone in a similar marriage. However there are often problems ranging from different likes (he likes 70s music, she doesn't) to friends (how does a 20 year old feel hanging out with a group of 50 somethings and vice versa?). Relationships like this can work, but they take more work than the average one.
  • That is just typical and nothing new or shocking. People do that all the time.
  • As long as both are happy, go for it.
  • Age has nothing to do with being in love, that is in case she is in love with him.Otherwise we have 60 and 70 year old guys from the middle east coming to India to marry a 10 or 12 year old girl which they buy from their poor parents!It is a very common case here and that is very sad!But in this girls case I commend her if she really is in love.
  • The only problem i see is a generation gap. If both are willing to bring their different times in life together, then i say go for it. Being happy is first, having things in common comes second. Age makes no difference as long as two people are happy.
  • honestly im not trying to be mean but a gold digger, but im not that kind of girl to judge a person who i clearly don't know. if a girl that young decided to marry an older man bc she really loves him and wanted to be with him for the right reason, then good for her theres nothing wrong with that bc they age difference doesn't matter if ur inlove!:)
  • Congratulations and Best Wishes for a happy life.
  • hey if theyre

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