• I hate you! Loved Frampton back in the day;) At 15 Rod Stewart was my first concert and he was amazing!
    • lavender
      lol it was purely by accident - my friend won a set of tickets.
    • Cinders717
      Lucky girl:)
  • i havent gone to concerts to be honest
    • lavender
      Correct. The question is for people you HAVE
  • I could probably guess your age and mine too. Peter Frampton, 16 years old (and you may guess the city perhaps with this) Lynyrd Skynyrd and The J. Geils Band
    • lavender
      Hahah, I loved J Geils and Skynyrd. Oh let me guess - I just turned 55, so you must be around there as well. hah
    • Roaring
      Close 58 It was the summer of 1976

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