• What seems to be the hardest thing is to simply understand each other, if two people manage that, then half the battle is won:)
  • Which is why we have so much divorce. She feels unloved and withholds affection, which makes him feel unloved. Now, they both feel unloved, unwanted, and kicked to the curb. No fault divorce here we come.
  • You are failing on your end of the marriage. Of course he is mad. I hope he finds someone more receptive :-)
  • 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman. Love meter is running on empty, how can he respond to the RIGHT need of this person? (His probably physical/sexual), Is it "words of affirmation", gifts, acts of service, quality time? I know with a lot of women it's quality time. Each person has a dominant love language. Communicated correctly, that meter will go to the maximum. Get the book, be patient and hope he will grasp the concepts.
  • Never met such a man before, but it is probably because they both feel simply unloved!
  • Maybe sex is his way of expressing love. This situation can be solved with some open communication. If you feel unloved, you have to tell him why and explain what you need to feel loved. Guys tend to be oblivious, so you have to hit them over the head with a two by four to get the message across.
  • there balls are on fire,they don't care they want release....nasty balls
  • Is it complicated to understand? If, as the questioner has acknowledged, it is actually COMMON for this situation to exist, then apparently it IS complicated to understand, for both genders. Let's admit something here, both sexes will use sex, or the witholding of it, to get "something" from their partner. For most men, that strategy is usually short-circuited by our own sex drive, so the women usually enjoy the position of power when this tactic is employed. Now, if "Guy" has been manipulated this way (even just a few times) he's likely to be asking himself "What does Gal want from me now". Of course, as is evident in the question, many women think that "Guy" ought to be able to figure it out on his own. If he guesses right, he's in good with "Gal"; If not, he's becoming frustrated and angry, and the feeling that "Gal" can't be pleased no matter what, and that "Gal" never really liked sex with him anyway begins to overwhelm his thoughts on the matter. Of course, his frustration and anger is spilling over into other areas of the relationship-things are not improving at this point and she's not feeling any more "loved". Let a couple of lunar cycles pass and then her own sex drive begins to overwhelm her, but at this point he's angry to the point of violence and his own "sex machine" has turned off (finally). Not wishing to actually commit a violent act, "Guy" begins to avoid her whenever possible... I'm sure glad that "Gal" decide, on her own, that "Guy" should figure it out by himself, because it's so "uncomplicated".
  • No, it really isn't that hard but it does require some thought & abit of time & effort, & unfotunately lots of men are quite simplistic when it comes to emotions & understanding psychology.
  • Hmm! Don't you get tired of the same dish, over and over again?
  • it might be complicated to them

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