• If you read my emails it will clear it all up for you.
  • English is a very complicated language, one of the worst to learn properly. Before I went to school, as a little child, I spoke Ukrainian, English, And French equally well. Thanks to education I now try my best, but fail, and speak them all equally poorly.
  • Some say it's the language, others think it has to do more with teaching techniques that causes those with dyslexia to struggle, but the fact remains it is a mental medical mostly hereditary disease and boys are 3 times more likely to inherit it. Some countries have high illiteracy rates so who really knows how many of them are dyslexic?
  • Dyslexia I don't have. Familiar words I use often. Mostly same words in conversation. On note pad new words I try and remember. To be understood I am careful what I type.
  • cause whoever invented it made it that way
  • I lived in a Spanish speaking country for a few years and have done considerable travel in other non-English speaking countries. In each of those countries people felt that their own language was one of the most difficult languages to learn. English speakers say the same thing about English but it takes people roughly the same time to learn any of the Latin based languages (French, Spanish, Italian, English, and German). Conjugating verbs in English, a difficulty in any language, is more simple than other languages.
  • I know. It's hard enough to put a question mark at the end of a question, right? Just communicate through a series of blinks and foot-stomps.
  • Because English isn't really a language. But many languages in a trench coat. .
  • cause all languages are connplicated
  • I've never found it complicated.
  • I've heard foreign people say English is the hardest language to learn only because it has so many idioms and exceptions. I was born into English and don't speak another language so I can't verify this. I do know English was invented from other languages. It comes from French, and German primarily. Words ending in a vowel are French and words that have lots of consonants are usually German. It didn't come into common use until 1350 when Chaucer wrote Canterbury tales. The nobles of England didn't speak English until the 1300's, they spoke either French or Latin.😌😖😍
  • Largely because of its many borrowings from other languages. English is an unusually rich tongue for that reason, but the borrowings mean that spellings and pronunciations are inconsistent, and this is a major reason why dyslexia is, indeed, more common among English speakers. In countries where the language's spellings and pronunciations are much more closely aligned and consistent, dyslexia is less common.

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