• I notice that happens every now and then. I really don't know why but it seems to happen toward the end of the month. I usually will make myself stay in the shadows when things get to be too edgy.
  • {{{HUGS}}} moonchild. i empathize. i am sorry to hear that you are upset by the aggression. it is rampant at times. but for as many aggressors there are, there are many more goodhearted people who come here to share with friends, exchange ideas and partake in stimulating debates without having to resort to pettiness, rancor and aggression. just try to concentrate on the positive. be the kind, shining example for others that you are. there is not much you can do except try to stay away from the children who do not play well with others. if they come directly in your path and are aggressive towards you, stand your ground and speak your mind and try to educate them about the futility of their hostility. it will likely fall on deaf ears, their judgment is often obscured by a thick haze of ego, but its worth a try. and report those who are totally out of control ~ they are beyond our help ~ and probably need professional therapy, which answerbag for all its helpfulness cannot fully provide. it is unfortunate that some people feel empowered by the cloak of anonymity that they hide behind on the internet to carry out their petty aggressions. it is sad that some dont even realize what theyre doing or how angry and frustrated they really are. then there are those misguided souls who dont realize that anger is false power, and they are ultimately hurting themselves the most with these power trip and manipulative control games. others i think just never received a proper education on manners. i see through all that. they come in ugly packages, but they are sad, hurting children inside. sometimes i initially react badly to the most rude and aggressive ones, but i find my center again. i find it helpful to just forgive and be as empathetic as possible as to the reason why they seek to cause suffering in others. peace.
  • ok whos butt am I kicking? Everyone has an off day I guess Dont let people upset you hun ((hugs)) Not long now Woo ;)
  • So you are angry because people are angry? Makes sense. When you have many people of various ages and cultures discussing controversial issues you will always have conflict. Remember, AB is 14 and over and not everyone is an "adult".
  • Don't let it bother you. You can be opinionated at times but you are almost always nice and cordial. Don't let the assholes chase you away. It's usually nice to hear from you.
  • ME TOO!!!!! I have had alot of hatred thrown my way because I believe differently from those who hate how I believe....You need to grow some thick skin if you want to be on this website!!! I have met alot of great people that even if they disagree with me...they express their opinion with respect and class. Then as you said....there are those who I think live with hatred and anger toward whoever...people they work with or live with and it is easier for them to hide behind a screen and write obscenities and ugliness to those of us out here in AB land.
  • Something for you to learn.
  • Some folks are just very passionate about their beliefs. Try saying you pro-choice when it comes to abortion and then duck.
  • Sad that people can't treat others nicely!
  • I agree, I tried to diffuse the MJ thread a couple of times to no avail and as far as politics here in the U.S. some just HATE so much they can't take a joke and lash out in the most immature of ways! It's a shame when I hear someone writing about hate! BTW You know who you are if you see this! Hope you & the girls are doing well MC! (((HUGS))) Jonathan
  • I agree but it's important to me to be sure I don't join in the fray. I try hard to be reasonable and respectful... even if someone else isn't.
  • I agree; we should be able to vehemently disagree with other opinions whilst remaining civil! There is no need, and no place for personal attack or (virtual) verbal abuse. Ignore them and hope they grow up soon.
  • I think many schoolchildren have gotten out on vacation and are spending a great deal of time pretending to be adults. They do not have well- reasoned arguments or answers and are not able to moderate their emotions as well as seasoned adults. I like think of them as drivers on the road - you can't assume they have any skills even though they are out there, and in fact one should assume that they are on the road for their very first time unless they prove otherwise.
  • You have no idea.. there's this guy, who keeps making new user accounts, with user names like IWILLKILLYOUVIOLET (, and RememberMeViolet Then he'll ask Q's, threatening to kill me, etc
  • i think its the summertime doing it high spirits,people drinking a bit more? but there are good friends to compensate for any wrongdoings
  • It is very sad that you cannot give your point of view without some people taking it to heart and downrating your answer. Who said: "I may not agree with you but I'll defend your right to express it?"
  • +5 Do not worry. I have been appointed by Moongrim to be: Karen Ann Defender of Truth Justice and the American Way. . . I am here to defend you and the truth. Sleep easy as I am here
  • MCII, I'm so sorry you're finding that here. As Ginger mentioned, we do have lots of "kids" here...that doesn't mean they're more aggressive, but some do have different sensibilities and codes of conduct than we might like to see. You are one of our best and most respected AB'ers. Don't let anyone ruin it for you here! We love ya!!
  • Totally agree. For the honor to the most hostile and offensive person on AB, may I nominate one Scoobabob. Look up the dude's profile and you'll notice that he can't comment on one thing without attacking, offending and humilliating the other person. Of course, it not only reflects his ignorance but also his lack of knowledge on the subject and his inability for an intelligent come back thus resurting to ad hominem attacks. The dude is, without a doubt, the sickest puppy here
  • well thankfully i hadn come across it and i think its just part of the internet. there is alot of people that come on here for that reason to cause trouble. there is one in every group and the bigger the group there is more than one. ;)
  • I've seen that too. It's not enough to use intelligence to leave comments. Instead I've had questions get drive-by DR points. Usually it has to do with politics or religion. They only prove their ignorance and intolerance when they do it. Don't worry, though. There are lots of really friendly users who are happy to debate and allow others their opinions.
  • Except for the usual trivial spite from Downrates I cannot say I have come across any aggression of late.
  • I think it is just in your own viewpoint. You see agression where agression isnt intended.

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