• Locked up!
    • Linda Joy
      So anyone who suffers from depression or anxiety or who has had a traumatic brain injury should be locked up?
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Lunacy is incurable, head aches an aspirin is fine!
    • Linda Joy
      What's your source?
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Simple, plain common sense!
  • Hopefully you'll be able to get through it.
    • Linda Joy
      You too, dear. Praying for you!
  • I was diagnosed with clinical depression 15 years ago, what ever that means. Prayer got me freed from it. Not that I don't have "down days" due to neurological problems. But no depression meds are needed. The down times are a lot less strong than they were. My anxiety is under control as well. I still have some anxiety to crop up when going out my door because of two large dogs attacking me less than a year ago. However God is still blessing me.
  • 10-4-2017 There is no clear definition for "mental illness". Most people think anybody who disagrees with them is mentally ill.
  • ive had experience with it since my sister has schizophrenia
    • Linda Joy
      One of my sisters does as well.
  • When I worked as a rec counselor many many years ago at a residential treatment center, i realized that many of the students(ages 14 to 21) were not able to cope with a dysfunctional home environment. And also were unable to cope with the expectations of school and/or work. A systemic over-dependence on medications eventually added another layer of dysfunction. How families, schools, work and social environments reward conformity and punish non-conformity may also add to the problem. For some reason some personalities cannot or will not conform. If we listen for and respond to the deeper needs perhaps healing may occur. (which may not necessarily conform to the norm-whatever that is) From my own experience with emotional overwhelm, i had compassion for the students that were judged to have a lower IQ. I wondered if they were dealing with an inner emotional storm which greatly limited how well they respond to testing. In 5th grade I was put in the easiest level 3 math class, until one day the level 2 teacher that was subbing realized i could solve any problem she threw at me. I was moved to level 2,(I was very present and at ease that day), yet had difficulty I think due to shutting down to the harsh teaching tactics she had in the level 2 class. What of all the students that are brilliant that cannot access that brilliance because of demanding emotions running around inside them.
    • Linda Joy
      Different minds definitely work differently. What is no big deal for one person could be very traumatic for another. I hope we find new ways to best reach the potential of troubled minds.
  • it happens, my sister has schizophrenia
  • i am bipolar and schizoaffective so i have generally a different take on mental illness. I have mood swings where i will be depressed for months on end and not want to do anything like i dont even want to eat im constantly sleeping then im fine and i have purposely overdosed and i used to cut myself a lot and the littlest things would set me off
    • Linda Joy
      Do you see a mental health professional? I have a sister and a good friend that are bipolar.
    • dayday600
      psychiatrist and its going good but i still have ¨episodes¨, as he says, sometimes
  • I am Bi Polar.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you see a mental health professional? I have a sister and a good friend that are bipolar.
    • Shaky_1991
      I see a psychiatrist and a psychologist. I can only work part time so I am also on disability and on medicaid.
  • I've had issues off and on since I was in my early teens. I've seen an analyst and she never diagnosed me with anything that had a name.
  • My thoughts are it's common, I think it's 3 out of four people will suffer depression or anxiety at some point in their life, unfortunately there is still a large stigma to it.
  • I think that we're in a world now where everything is a "disease" or a "disability." There is no money to be made in telling some people to "Suck it up and deal with it. That's life." It's much more profitable to classify a sickness and offer a treatment. For a price.
    • bostjan64
      You are correct. Much of what is practiced in the mental health industry is more off-the-cuff than other branches of medicine, but it is a much younger science at this point in time, so that should be expected.
    • Creamcrackered
      I think you are right to an extent Archie, ADHD appears to be over-diagnosed.
  • This is quite personal, but.... In the early 90s during the Satanic Panic, when I was a young kid, one of my parents was brainwashed by an incompetent therapist using harmful suggestive techniques such as hypnosis. My parent was convinced that they had multiple personality disorder as a result of satanic ritual abuse that was perpetrated by my grandparents. Including torture, cannibalism, rape, necrophilia, murder, you name it. NONE OF THIS WAS TRUE. All contact was completely cut off with my grandparents and that entire side of my family when they would not corroborate the stories. My parent was told to abandon her children because she was a satanic sleeper agent who could be called upon to do harm to us at any moment. So, this incompetent therapist, fueled by a moral panic her own sick imagination, caused my siblings and I to be abandoned and cut of from our family. I was 8ish. I'm 37 now and I still do not know my family because of this. This was not an unusual story at the time. There are thousands of people who experienced the exact same abuse from therapists in the 80s and 90s. In some cases, family members were jailed over these false accusations and are still serving sentences today. And, my parent still believes these things are true. Due to this grossly incompetent misdiagnosis, my parent has never received a proper diagnosis, and has never been treated for whatever it is that she actually has. My life could have been very different. These types of therapists are still practicing today, and are still using these harmful techniques. I have a huge mistrust for people working with mental health. I can't help it. There needs to be more oversight with these people. "Conspiracy therapists" need to be called out, lose their licenses, and see consequences for the harm they have caused.
  • It's not for everyone.
  • They try and claim that you do not grow out of things like depression and some other things, where that is completely wrong. They amplify your condition in order to say you are a schizophrenic or some such too, and that is completely wrong.
  • This is an extraordinarily general question about an enormous subject. There are various types of mental illness just for starters. I really think you need to narrow down the scope of the question.
  • Everyone experiences mental health difficulties at some stage in their lives. I believe the reason for mental health difficulties is due to external forces such as people and situations that create depression and stress for instance. The person experiencing a medical setback might act out on their thoughts and feelings while others don’t. Mental health difficulties are misunderstood by ignorant people who are shallow minded lacking in empathy and understanding towards others because they are probably a psychopath or a sociopath.

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