• Reagan supported the apartheid government in South Africa and even labeled Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress a notorious terrorist organization. . He was elected using the fictitious welfare queen to convince millions of white voters that Black women on welfare were the reason for high taxes. . He started his reelection campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the place where three civil rights workers were killed by the KKK in 1964. . He consistently opposed affirmative action and all attempts to seriously enforce civil rights laws. . No single one of those proves him a racist, but when you add them all together it could be seen that way.
  • I hadn't heard this view before. A little Googling turned up this article from what is clearly a very left-leaning individual. Presumably he is not objective, but also not entirely uninformed:
  • In 1986 when he signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 and gave amnesty to 4 million illegal immigrants? Oh I am sorry I thought you were asking for proof he was not a racist.
  • I thought this was interesting when I heard it yesterday - but not 100% sure of what it means....
  • no but i wouldn't be surprise if he was, republicans always look like they just dont care black and hispanics.

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