• inn on nnedicaid right now and it works pretty good
    • Wakko
      So is my mother. It's kickass with the Amerigroup Star Plus benefits.
  • I plan to die eventually. And I don't plan to spend a ton of taxpayer dollars doing it. I'm entitled to medicaid, but I've never used it because I go to the VA. I've refused medication that costs over $500. mo. And I'm supposed to schedule an MRI, but I found out they cost over $2000! I just don't think its worth it.
  • I'm with the VA. And it sucks. Sometimes I'm waiting up to 3 months to get in and see the doctor. Sure, they schedule it within 30 days like they're supposed to, but inevitably, they call and reschedule it. And people wonder why vets are dying in the waiting rooms.

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