• I say that they can be. I love the ones on the small of the back, the ankle, around the navel, and a few arm bands, but I don’t like the full sleeve tattoos on women, or anything on their face, or neck.
  • some are nice and very sexy and then some are just unoriginal and obnoxious every time i see a single little fairy, cheesy tribal, a flower on a foot, or nautical star im just surprised. i would be embarrassed if i constantly saw other people with my same tattoo
  • Small and tactful is fine, but if they're too big or too obvious then no
  • Not a big fan of tattoos, although my current girl has one on her back that I've never seen yet, so maybe my opinion will change.
  • Not the first tattoo! I think it's gaudy on a woman, it works toward her own degeneracy no matter what the tattoo is or says. To those women who haven't but are thinking about having one: Don't do it! Don't follow the trend, cherish your dermal purity! :)
  • I say yes as well. I have a large one on my back, its a medicine wheel with feathers hanging down and I have gotten nothing but compliments even though its still not finished... its feminine and elegant looking. My girlfriend has quite a few tattoos but she is a stud (more masculine) she has one on her neck, side of her stomach, forearm, behind her neck and her leg. I think its a turn on honestly but that is just my personal opinion.
  • It can add some but I think it's often overdone. That said, if I cared for someone she could have a face tattoo or no tattoo at all and it would make no difference to me.
  • In general, no, they are not sexy. However, the right tattoo on the right part of the right body can be sexy.
  • My favorite tattoo on a female is a big piece on her side. Always sexy.
  • It would have been better if you just asked if we thought that tatoos are attractive on a girl. Yes i do find them attractive but it isn't a wierd fetish thing like you appear to have. Questions like this alienate a large portion of the answerbag users. Kinda makes you sound super shallow.
  • All tattoos on girls are instant "White Trash". There is a reason they are called Tramp Stamps.
  • I have 3 tattoos and you can not see them unless i wear a low cut shirt because i have one on my chest. I think girls with tattoos on their arms and legs are trashy.
  • Some women sport tattoos well, in that I still find them hot with their tattoos. Megan Fox, for example. However, she'd be even hotter without said tattoos. So no I don't think tats make a woman sexy; women can sexy despite them.
  • No offense to all of you chicks with tats., but I think they are the most disgusting thing on a woman. Women have beautiful bodies as is and to think what all those tats. will look like on a 90 year old grandma makes me laugh. I am happy they are so in style now, so hopefully when my daughter is 20 girls won't be getting them.
  • does nothing for me. I appreciate the artwork that goes into making one but I think on women its a bit trashy. no offense to you ladies with tatts personally.
  • My husband would have me eviscerated if I ever got a tattoo!
  • Oh hells yeah!!! I LOVE tattoos on sexy women's lower back.
  • they are awful on any one more so on girls,,,,,your skin is a thing of great beauty,,,,why would you mar it
  • its just skin art.
  • I'm not a fan of publicly visible tats, but I have to admit, one of my guilty "trashy pleasures" is the lower back tattoo. I realize they're cliche, but something about seeing them, especially in certain situations ;), just gets me revved up.
  • Oh yes!!!! I love tatts on sexy women's back.
  • my tat makes me feel very sexy and let me tell you, if i am feeling it, you can bet money on it, he is yes they do !
  • I think tattoos on a woman's ankles, upper arms, wrist and lower back look beautiful. But anywhere else looks horrible.
  • I think it's a good way to show the world that you are unique.
  • If you have a good body and good skin tone and you do a great design they are totally cool

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