• Check connections Check starter solenoid.
  • Since battery is new, sounds like a starter problem. Check for current at the starter with key in the 'start' position; if power there, is bad starter.
  • is it seized? and will it start cold? if is has a mechanical advance in the dist. when the engine is hot and the advance is full the engine will crank slowly of not at all.
  • you should check the spark plugs.
  • if thw starter is clicking and wants to turn over then its not the starter. u proubley have a bad wire or a bad connection to the starter.
  • Have someone try to crank the car while you check for power at the S-terminal on the starter. If it has power, try jumping the terminal on the starter where the main positive battery wire from the battery connects to the terminal where the wire that comes out of the starter connects to. If the starter spins, the solenoid is bad, if it don't, the starter is bad. If you don't have power to the S-terminal during cranking, check fusible links and wires coming from the ignition switch to the starter. Sometimes it could be just a loose/burnt/dirty harness connector on the firewall.

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