• Diapers and baby wipes were always a welcome gift for me.
  • Diapers, Baby wipes, baby clothes up to 12 months or more, baby swing, possibly a baby monitor, a baby backpack, blankets, hats, lotions, shampoos, powder, socks. All these gifts were given to me when I had my last baby just last year, and more. Diapers are the most important, because the babies run out of them so fast, and they can be expensive. Baby food would be a good gift to, because they get expensive as well.
  • My mom always gives new mother's a new baby's outfit. Old mother's a giftcard to babygap.
  • Absolutely the diapers. The best thing you could do is get her gift cards for the stores near her. Let her know these should help her for diapers. Costco has good prices on bulk.
  • Diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, baby blankets and baby powder.
  • You CAN get too many diapers (of one size), although it is an EXCELLENT gift, I found that I could never have enough receiving blankets and sleepers, the less often I had to do laundry (which is endless with a baby) the better. Also, gift cards to anybody that delivers food or cleans house is a great idea too.
  • Audiobooks, soothing music, gift certifs for massage, a kit for making a cast of the baby's little hand (precious and I treasure the one I made of my dd's hand), a digital camera and a printer, a gift certif for Shutterfly which will make lovely photo albums of the baby for her if she uploads her photos to them.
  • The only thing I couldn't have lived without was a sling. I prefer a simple, pouch-style one, but I could have done with a maya-type ring sling if pressed. Another lifesaver for me was cloth diapers. If you think she'd be interested in trying them, the gift would definitely go further than a gift of disposables. But if she's the stubborn type, or afraid of the unfamiliar, it would be a waste as they'd probably not be used - you have to base that on the person. One last baby item that I really loved with my second son was a product called "cozy cocoon" - I live in a warm climate, and it was perfect for swaddling the baby without adding bulk and heat. They do have warmer ones, but the single-layer cotton jersey worked great for me. But something that people often overlook, and moms really need, is an occasional break from existing ONLY as the baby's mom. A great book to read while nursing, or some uplifting background music for the emotionally difficult weeks, or even tickets to an upcoming outdoor event that's baby-friendly would be very thoughtful. If it's her first, especially, she'll likely be getting plenty of baby stuff, and something for her would be a nice touch - even if you combined it with something for baby.
  • Car seat. Most people only get one, but with the two car family, you need two.. maybe just another base if they use that kind of carrier seat. I always needed burp towels.. I used the cloth diapers that were not prefolded.. excellent for protecting your clothes and cleaning up messes or for using during feedings whether breastfeeding or bottle!! A zip bag for laundry, helps to keep all those tiny socks and mittens from getting lost in the washer. Beanie hats (with ear flaps if they live where the wind and cold weather will be for the next months.) Subscription to magazine like parents, or young mother.. Baby's first year.
  • I'm not a mother, but when my best friend gave birth to her first child, I cooked up a bunch of dinner type meals, packaged them in single meal size containers (for two to eat), froze them, and took them over, so she wouldn't have to worry about cooking for a couple of weeks. She seemed to really appreciate it.
  • the best thing u could ever get an exspecting mother is pampers always pamper and even formula if shes not breast feeding. i always needed diapers n pacifiers for my daughter. beacuse wed always misplace her pacifiers n i would find them under the sofa or inbetween the refridgeorator n id b damned if i put that in my babies mouth. my daughter loves her pacifier n without it shes a cry baby. so yeah get her diapers and pacifiers n a few bottles.
  • I found mothercare vouchers and nappies most helpful
  • PAMPERS PAMPERS PAMPERS!!!!! Oh yeah wipes too!
  • onsies and baby blankets !!!!

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