• I have a very good dentist. When I had to have my tooth removed, I didn't feel a thing.
  • A few years ago, my dentist pulled a tooth and it was one where he thought that I would have much pain afterwards. He called me at home and he couldn't believe I had no pain. I did not have to use the pain medication.
  • Yep. All four wisdom teeth were pulled. And when I was younger, one of my molars (child molar, not an adult one) split in half and had to be pulled. Ah, the joys of tooth extraction while under Novacaine. NOT! My first cavity got filled while under a nerve block. A CAVITY, mind you, and a shallow one at that. But a couple years later when they pulled four perfectly good wisdom teeth, the doc wouldn't use a nerve block. Nope, gotta use NOVACAINE! The little numbing agent that wasn't. And THEN, after nearly an hour of splitting, crunching, snapping, digging, and gouging, he has the unmitigated GALL to prescribe Tylenol 3 (Tylenol with Codeine) for the pain. The time for THAT was when I was having my wisdom teeth extracted with channel lock pliers and a crowbar! Heck, all I had afterwards was a mild throbbing pain compared to that! I took Motrin and was happy with that.
  • Yes. Done by a doctor it should be almost painless. I've pulled my own too. Now that HURT.
    • Linda Joy
    • beaker95
      That's nothing. I pull my own three or four times every day.
  • Several. Wisdom teeth in The Navy. They gave me Motrin! I bought a bottle of Southern Comfort I wasn't going to feel no pain. The root canal hurt the most. She drilled up into my nose! No pain meds after the novocaine wore off. I was crying that night. I think she just forgot to give me a prescription because after that she gave me Norcos. I'm just thankful I was finally able to get the work done! Dental pain is no joke and it's not cheap to get them fixed either! The VA doesn't cover my dental. One of the benefits of being homeless was that I got my teeth fixed!

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