• Neither. I'm quite happy right when I am, thank you. : )
  • Travel in the future, see how everything turns out. Although it would be interesting to see how things were, I could read a book to learn about the past.
  • the future is more interesting to me.
  • Future. I would be terrified that if I traveled back I may do something to change where I am today, and I wouldn't want that.
  • Future. I want Japanese grandkids and I want to see how that all works itself out.
  • None, I am happy with the way things are going In my life.
  • I would rather travel back in time to see what life was like during different eras. If I try to travel to the future I don't even know if there is a future to travel to! It could backfire.
  • Well traveling to the future might make me age faster and I would definetly not want to age faster. By going back in time I may be able change or alter some of the bad events that have taken place in my life. And plus the 90's did rule back then. I really don't know either way can be good in its own way. I can see what my life would be like in the future, but I doubt the world will be any of a better place in the future than it is now anyhow. So I'd take back in time probably.
  • I would like to go back in time before cars, freeways, and electricity. I think it would be interesting to hear the world without the constant noise of cars, trucks, TV, and music playing everywhere you go. I'd like to see what the country looked like without freeways and utility poles everywhere and when most folks lived in a rural environment and grew their own food. I'd like to taste real food grown in an organic garden with non-genetically modified seeds. Grass-fed cattle. Raw milk. And old-fashioned flowers. And see and taste the kinds of things they baked back them. I could keep going but I'd better stop!
  • definitely back in time to correct a few things
  • I'd rather go back in time. Coz if i'd go to the future,there's nothing important out there. Coz future, would most likely be devastated by the effects of global warming.
  • Back to see ma prophet!
  • Back in time because life was easier and not so scary.
  • ...........future it is for me ............get hold of all the winning lottery tickets
  • Back in time to the "Tom Sawyer" days. It would be nice to roam across the midwest as it existed then. If I am asked what period and area of the US I find more intriguing, that's it.

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