• I am not a "Godless heathen" and will not provide a religious rebuttal...but I have to say that at least it gives us something to is human nature to attempt to understand the environment in which we exist...whether we choose understand it via science, nature, and/or religion.
  • You say godless heathen but you ask if he is laughing at us.
  • This reminds me of the countless times people have said, "If God meant man to xxx, he would have xxx".
  • I tend to agree with the Proverb "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings [read 'mankind']".
  • The ability is there. I believe we have the mental capacity. All things can be studied, analyzed and ultimately understood and I believe that is a noble endeavor. I'm not so sure that we "are really meant to figure out"... anything!
  • I think we spend too much time trying to figure out things we should not be concerned about. I like to think for whatever reason we are here is to live not wonder why. Everyone wants answers because answers are power and power is meaningless once your dead. I find it kind of funny how much time we waste that does nothing for us but cause us to waste more time. Many think they need to find that missing key but deep inside know there is no lock but yet we look. It is no wonder why when animals see us the tilt their heads as if to say God must have had an off day when he made this creature.
  • Those guys on the Discovery Channel are talking out of their asses, and laughing all the way to the bank.
  • Scientists have no idea about things the can't see, feel, or touch. Everything else, they're just expelling fartgas. Boy, will they be surprised when the truth does become common knowledge;)
  • we all have the ability to make the EFFORT.... 'let those who CAN HEAR, HEAR" ....without the effort , one never will hear.....and many never will want to...:) there won't be a soul that will not be AWED when the TIME comes....not even the most righteous ones.....Abraham and Moses by no means KNEW all there was to KNOW ...weren't supposed to and it is not HUMANLY possible....i can't wait either....but I don't think I will be as 'shocked and awed' as most...but we ALL, most certainly , will humble/bow..:)
  • as long as we keep poking around we will figure something out

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