• I dont know but i wanted to say goodluck to you and your family.
  • How old is she? Maybe a pedicure and manicure. Even little girls would like both of those. .
  • a pair of bright pink socks! i bought some especially when i had to go into hospital once - they were sooo bright, and soooo pink! I bought them so tht every time I looked at me feet (and you do that a lot when you are lying in bed) I would smile. And I did! Now, every time I see pink socks, I smile!
  • How old is she? perhaps an appropriate trip to the Zoo or an Exploratorium for Fun!
  • what surgery is it?
  • Dea_ex_machina has it right in one...socks...lots of socks...bright colors, cute patterns...slipper socks...but if not clothes (my daughter is 19, I gave up on clothes shopping long ago, lol) perhaps books if she likes to read, puzzles or games, or a special diary--a really nice leather journal, and a special pen to go with it, or art/craft supplies if that is her of luck and warm wishes to the both of you!
  • Hope she is well, spend quality time with her put a smole on her face, do somthing that she enjoys doing. Have a wonderful day with her on saturday :>)
  • Hi Ailsa, just read this now, hope your daughter is feeling okay. I would recommend buying her a dvd or a a music cd that she loved because it might be a few day for the finger pain to ease. +5 Hope all is well
  • what kind of surgery???
  • Oh no Ailsa. I'm sorry to hear she has to go through that. Not sure what she likes ... I'd ask her what she wants and get her that. It might be fun for her to just pick out whatever she'd like (within a certain price range, of course.) If she's going to be in the hospital for a few days, how about really cute pajamas or a robe and slippers. I hope all goes well!!
  • God bless you both my friend, your love for her is all she needs....a nice ice-cream would be also nice though,lol

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