• Well, if he was my nephew I'd take him in. I think its sorry his mama don't want him, and it will scar him later on in life too. What the heck is wrong with people these days? I'd deintely take the boy from her, and do it legally. It sounds like he's not in a good environment anyways. I would put the boy first and how it would affect him. People just don't understand or care anyone how they treat others, and its even sadder when its your own family. You could check and see if he has anyone else to he could live with too, and see where he's most comfortable at.
  • You are a great person for taking him in. Start trying to provide him some love, stability and discipline. Try to create an environment where he will be free to talk to you too. It is very painful to realize that your own parents don't want you. Trust me I know... You should also contact his school and teachers along with the county or city to see what services are available to assist you in caring for him and for him that might help him get his life together. There is a great hot-line you can call for referrals to services that is nation wide sponsored by Boys Town (not just for boys anymore)Please do call them for advice on how to get started. The Boys Town Hotline is a crisis hotline available 24/7 to help you with just about any problem. Call 1-800-448-3000 today!
  • Well he's NOT an emancipated minor, so SOMEONE of realiability must assume responsibility. If YOU want to do that, you'll have to file a petition with the court. The judge will hear your case and make a determination. The child's mother, of course, will be sent a notice of this hearing and will have her opportunity to defend it. Know this up front!
  • his mother is mad right now so don't do enything just leave it as is your nephew living there hes 16 i don't think the athorities will remove him unless hes getting in trouble living with you as long as he is doing good they probley let you raise him try to get them two into counceling together its better to fix the problem. as a parent of 2 had trouble with both kids at one time or another both sides can be right and wrong proud and stubbren so try to fix THEM don't take sides be supportive to both. they both are probly wrong on some level.
  • Well it going to be a long hard process but you are going to have to pettion the courts for custody. But I also will wait no more then 30 days to see if things calm down before going that route.
  • Wait until you get fed up!

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