• I sounds like you have a program in the background that is "holding focus" or not releasing it's control back to Vista. You can determine if this is really the case by rebooting the computer and repeatedly pressing F8 while it is booting. This should eventually give you the boot menu and when it does, select Safe Mode. Let the computer boot into Safe Mode and if you have complete control (i.e. you can click on the Start button and Taskbar), then one of the extra programs you have installed is not behaving properly. The easiest solution at this point is to ask for help from a computer expert that can narrow down the program causing the problem and either uninstall it or change it's settings so that it does work properly.
  • Most of the time rebooting your computer would fix it. Also what you can do remove BIOS battery and that would reset your computer to a default setting. Cleaning your keyboard with dust cleaner would be good. Have you use a wireless mouse instead of your touch pad or a regular mouse? If you didn't try it, that can tell you if your touch pad is bad. If it is you can replace it, it is time consuming but can save you good money.
  • the problem? you have vista!

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