Posted by zeeboyo some time ago
Posted by zeeboyo some time ago
guy so I'm very frustrated because I don't know what to do so I'm going to ask my question are maybe you guys could give some advice or what what you think I should do so since 2010 I've been using a 2010 Samsung 720P TV as my monitor from my laptop Windows 7 64 bits the tv used to go off and on off and on before it stayed on but now does work. so i when to best buy to see if i can get another tv to use a monitor the guy told me not to get a tv but to get a 4K monitor but when i when to check them out I was disappointed at the monitors they had the 4K and the second-best that was a little less then 4K but more then 180p the picture quality wasn't as good thy also had a filmy look to it and not that bight or as clear as my old 720p tv i want some things that will give me the same picture quality as a tv would i use my old tv as a monitor ans use it to see tv like and to see movies on line like Fmovies and the cw web site i also use this for picture editing not photo shop just the one that come with the laptop paint it's called i think what should i do i am so stress over what to get my other option is to fix my old tv witch it just the power supply the capacitor change for a new one. i want some thing that when i see a movies online i want to be like omg wow on the picture quality but so far the monitor at best buy was crap to me my 720p tv look better then that when it was working so what can i do or what is good to get help please the pictuer qality on tv look way better then the monitors but thy told a monitor is better i also when to be able to see tv like wc 7 4 all the tv chnels as well also my set up need a super long coard if i use HDMI right now i was using VGA about 20 feet with 2 cords so i just want qality pictuer when i see a movie on tv show online and to use it a a reguler tv as well if i can some 26" to and no bigger then 32
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