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  • Your 21st birthday is an important day. Sorry it sucked :-(
  • No gifts?
  • No!!! it was your birthday!! tell your bf to shut up, and you have fun. Its ok to feel special, you should. ( happy birthday! )
  • Hey my 21st bday kinda sucked too. I was 21...I wanted to hit the bar and be out with the girls, but it rained and everyone bailed out on me...I was pissed! Atleast your boyfriend cooked for you. I know you said you do this for him everyday,but this was ONE day that you didnt have to. Even if you didnt get exactly what you expected.....
  • sorry it sucked :( if it makes u feel better mine was two months ago and it sucked to, my bf got blind drunk and dumped me in front of a load of my family n friends :(
  • That sucks. It's still early. Let's go out now! Happy Birthday!
  • You would think that any moron would know a 21st birthday is a milestone. I am sorry it was so bad. I think you need to give yourself a gift and get a new boyfriend. Maybe one not so......ignorant.
  • Well it's nice he cooked, but no gift? That's lame. How long have you been going out? If it's been over a month, you shouldve got something besides dinner. And why did he call you ignorant?
  • No, you weren't expecting too much. I turned 18 about 3 weeks ago and mine sucked as well. It's stupid because your birthday is the one day where you should be able to have everything go your way. I'm sorry it sucked, let's hope both of our birthdays are better next year!
  • maybe you were expecting too much for the quality of company you keep. I think your expectations were, not only reasonable, but expectable! However, if you wade with guppies, well, dont expect silverfish!
  • YO Deanna! Happy 21st. When life gives you lemons, get out the salt and Tequila and call me!!! Your 21 for the whole year... PARTY BABY PAAARTY!!!
  • Welcome to the world of sucky b days - grow up. You will realize in the years to come - some b days are fun, some are okay, some are sucky. Your an adult now and this should not be that big of a deal. Okay - so your 21 - that should have been made special, but it's about it for a long time to come. It's called being an adult.
  • Happy 21st birthday from me and no you were not expecting too much neither were you being ignorant your bf should have made sure that you had a great day...If I were not in the UK my friends and I would have taken you out to dinner and bowling...hope your birthday next year is a much better one :)
  • Not a very good 21st BD. Your b/f could have come up with something more creative. You are not ignorant. It's a special day. I would show these answers to your boyfriend. BELATED HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!
  • Umm, if this is a sign of things to come in this relationship, I guess you know what to expect. Maybe you should plan something special at 21 1/2 years since you just can't let the whole year go by. Tell him that this might be an opportunity to redeem himself, otherwise you are definitely making plans with or without him. So now you have 6 mos to make a great plan!
  • No because it was your day and everyone else is supposed to be nice to you on your day. It wasn't your fault.
  • wow, I'm really sorry. My past few bdays sucked too. You should have gotten a cake, a ton of gifts, etc
  • I do think you should have had a bit more fun but you know what sometimes putting to much energy toward something you can't do anything about is just bound to end up not turning out the way you wanted it. Turn it into a positive somehow and move on.
  • Happy Birthday! I got you a stripper but he somehow got locked in my room ;)
  • Happy 21st!!! yes you deserved more
  • Happy birthday! Eont worry not everybodies birthdays are the greatest either. I spent my birthday with my gf at the time and no gift, no card, just a poem that she didnt want to give me anymore but said parts were still true.
  • I'd think about getting a new bf before your 22nd birthday.
  • Well it is not all it is cracked to be. You were expecting to much because of tv and media. It is really just the same as any other birthday. At least he took the time to cook most guys wouldn't take the time to do that. When I turned 21 my ex gave me a gift card to get a manicure and a 30 minute message so he really didn't do much. What were you expecting people to do?
  • when we expect something to be great its usually always a disappointment. happy birthday, heres to the 22nd!
  • That wasn't cool to call you ignorant. You can always re-celebrate your B Day this week end with some friends( not including your boyfriend).
  • Every birthday should be special. I'm sorry yours sucked. At least he remembered. Almost everyone forgot mine : (
  • I am so sorry that your birthday sucked, and your boyfriend sux too for calling you names. That was nice of him to fix you dinner but he should have done something to make it extra special. Here are some happy belated Bday presents for you!!!
  • You can still celebrate it!! alot of people plan partys before or after there bdays. As for your bf thats was nice to make dinner for you but why did he call you ignorant? That is very hurtful especialy since it was your birthday! I hope he said sorry! Maybe you should go out with your family, who do care about you and love you! Well happy belated birthday!!<3
  • my birthdays seem to suck too, noone ever seems to want to do anything with me
    • Joreta Cherry
      no one

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