• No no no, not acceptable to be nasty to women, period. How are you Cyndi. Hope you are well.
  • Cyn! How've ya been? Who's being mean? Point 'em out. I'll take care of it.
  • Where are they? I'll kick their butts. Unfortunately my friend, it's become acceptable for those with no home training to be nasty to everybody- no exceptions. And it's a real shame. We have a whole lot of people walking around in this world with no manners, no morals and no sense of personal responsibility. Very scary indeed.
  • If there is, I must be out of the loop. My son and his wife are expecting in May, and I would have known if there was. Is it possible that you are more sensitive than usual?
  • Not where I am, babe. It would not be allowed. Do you mean by men or women? ..or just punks?
  • One of my good friends is pregnant and there's no way I'd be nasty to her. She'd probably kick my ass with all those hormones. Lol.
  • My sister is dealing with stupid little petty comments about stuff too. She's pregnant with her first and overseas with her husband, who is in the army. Between ignorant people in the army and ignorant people back home, sometimes she's at her wits end. Hope you're doing well regardless. :)
  • I had that happen, I had one lady tell me she looked better than me and she was in her 40's in front of our coworkers (a friend did snap back with "She looks damn good for being 7 months pregnant!"), I had one girl laugh at me and say "Wow, look at christen, letting herself go, did she eat the baby or is she having one!" (luckily her boyfriend didn't even appreciate it and told her it was wrong), I even had a coworker accuse me of blaming my "weight gain" on a FAKE pregnancy, she looked dumb real soon obviously. Some people are just nasty and jealous sometimes. Ignore them.
  • No there isn't. Perhaps the jerks that think you're interested in their glancing opinions are reacting in a Pavlovian sense by mistaking you for Octomom. ;) Have you thought about saying something to them? I'd be tempted to tell those that think you're too big that there are those that think you're too small, so their argument is with them. In the meantime, you'll act on the advice of your doctor, and not on that of someone whose primary source of prenatal knowledge is the network coverage of Octomom.
  • In what way? You mean unkind remarks? Now, not to be a Devil's Advocate here..but you do know that when one is pregnant one can become extremely sensitive and break down crying for no apparent reason, don't you? I'm not being insensitive, I'm remembering back to when I was pregnant. If someone looked at me crosseyed I'd feel insulted and got hurt. If you can rule that out totally (if this is not your first child), then I don't have an answer for you. If you are about done with "everybody" that doesn't good. Maybe you're hanging out with wrong people! :)
  • I think they hand out a manual to everyone willing to talk to strangers - "Things That Will Piss Off The Pregnant". I actually bought a shirt that said "Touch the belly, LOSE A HAND" and contemplated carrying around a whiffle-ball bat in case anyone opened their mouth in my presence. Since that wasn't always feasable, I perfected my Ice-Queen-Stare, and got much more use out of it than I care admit to. They need to realize you can't just SAY things to those critically short of Estrogen. Worst part? It doesn't stop AFTER you have the baby either. I took my kid to the grocery store, and I have a random man coming up to me demanding to know why my son isn't wearing socks. I handed them to him, covered in spit-up. That was the end of THAT conversation!

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