• We have an option to receive email notifications when someone likes or answers our questions or comments on our answers, but not when they comment on your comments on another persons answer. But I accidentally unsubscribed from AB and don't know how to locate the place in gmail to unblock it. I'd been here a year last April 15 and the only change I can recall is changing the background pictures and a lot of work focused on preventing spam. But I don't think they have a full crew running this ship, just someone who wanted to bring it back. It's not likely to ever have all the bells and whistles of some other sites, but I love the people here. Even the ones I disagree with and some that are difficult for me to like at times. But sometimes I spend too much time here and need a break! All I can say is every time I get angry and decide not to come back someone tells me how I've helped them and I'm reminded that it's not just about me and that there are others going through some of the he'll I've endured on this earth and if I can help someone else through it then at least there was a purpose for the pain. And on a lighter note I've had my mood completely changed for the better by the humor of a few 'characters' here! Especially Beaker (or whatever character he is for the time being) And Ice man has a quick wit as well. We also have some super smart people here! Some gifted poets, writers, veterans, biblical scholars, atheist, mathematicians, mechanics, computer and IT techs! And some are just super sweet people. But a lot of them have families still at home and jobs and stuff and some vacation during summer. I PM (private message) through email. My email address is on my profile, and the closest we have to a time stamp is the question numbers at the end of the address line. Up to 2000000 is old AB last April we were at 34994##. This one is 3511136. Hope you enjoy it here! What kinds of questions do you like in addition to political questions?
    • Rick Myres
      On the phone also you cannot see your contacts in Gmail. So on my Gmail using my computer I can see them and manage them. Gmail on phones and tablets, Iphones, and other mobile things have a lot left to desire.
    • Willy D Billiams
      I actually enjoy all question. I would say political the most though as they seem to generate the most "intense" debates and, if one is open-minded enough, a great chance to learn. In addition to that I would say philosophical questions are another thing that I enjoy. Dont get me wrong. Im no shcolar. Far from it. lol. But its fun to think deeply about some issues. To be honest Im having a bit of a hard time getting used to the shortcomings. The missing features just make it too hard to navigate. A good in-site notification system so I can see at a quick glance who followed, liked, replied, commented, created is invaluable. As is in-site PM. It also drives me nuts that, when commenting, if I put in a line break, it is taken out :) lol! Using paragraphs to separate thoughts is a pet peeve of mine :) But... the fact that you highlight the many people you like and enjoy conversing with is enough to give it a shot :)
  • have no idea
  • I see what you mean. There should be upgrades. The old Answerbag had almost everything you can think of. It had a PM feature, a friends list, points to move up levels, AB up-to-date news, photo and video displays on questions/answers/comments, HTML text color, sentence spacing, (which is my preferred way to write paragraphs), profile creativity to express ourselves with photos, etc. If the new Answerbag can add these upgrades, more people will sign up. This would also bring back a lot of AB refugees that went to other Q&A websites.

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