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  • Without passing judgement, sucking and licking the back of panties is not my cup of tea, but certainly, I love sucking and licking the front of women's panties... the juices taste so good. Yes, if you were my woman, I'd ask you to make the front of your panties as dirty and wet as you could. In addition to asking you to spread your legs every evening, I'd also ask you to wear a satin shirt and short skirt.
  • Personally, I do not blame him... he has a panty fetish just like me! I love to smell and be gagged with dirty panties, the dirtier, the better! Yes, make them extra dirty for him... wear them extra long, and make sure you dribble a little bit of pee in them throughout the day, too. Then take them off and shove them in his mouth every night!
  • You're hubby is not weird. However you are ungrateful. There are thousands and thousands of women who wish their husband would want to suck their panties. Don't do anything different, just learn to appreciate it and enjoy it.
  • try it all - at worst you switch to cleaner panties
  • Personally, I'd go for whatever encourages him to continue to worship at the altar between your legs, if I were you. You two have a special connection that is worth preserving.;-)
  • yeah try he'll probably love it, but beware he may never stop.......
  • I love to do the same. and if you make your panties dirtier, he would surely love it.
  • you think that is weird? I think you are luckey
  • I'm not so much for making them dirtier but if my wife cums home I like her to change and when she does I like to taste her natural flavor and taste.

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