• Unfortunately, no. A person has the right to call him/herself whatever he/she wants to, even if the name has not been legally changed. So I could call myself Bob Smith, no matter what my real name is, and I could live my life under that name legally. What I probably could NOT do is get a job, because I wouldn't have a matching social security number. But that kind of thing wouldn't apply to a divorced woman continuing to use her married name, because he social security number DOES match that name.
  • No, sorry.
  • No, you can get her to sign on it though if you give her a little something more in the divorce maybe though.
  • My husband's father would threaten and call his ex and say that he looked in the phone book and saw she was still using "his name". Well guess what, the two children had the same name and she was not changing it to anything. Costs money to change a name. Legal filing fees.. pain in the ass to get everything changed over too. Hope that this party animal marries some other lucky guy and your problem is solved. Or in the worst case scenario.. she drops dead.
  • Nop she can keep her name if she wants to until the divorce is final.
  • offer her money to change her name back, paying her legal fees. But remember you did marry her.
  • Unfortunately no, but does it really matter what her last name is? People will find out she is your ex no matter what she calls herself. You could offer to pay her a bit more in alimony to cover the cost of name changing. You need to keep your head up and never bash her in public. People will see that you are being the mature one and she will get the reputation she deserves.
  • No, and I don't blame her if you're that controlling.

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