• HE is.
  • Every day is most pleasant and recommended. However, if you've ever gone camping or been in severe weather, you realize there's nothing to it to go a week or more without showering. Unless confronted with such conditions, I'd shower every day.
  • I suppose we dont NEED to shower every day, but i think blokes definitely need to! they smell after half a day with out showering. btu showering every day is pleasent, i couldnt function properly if i had not showered i do not think.
  • i will say he is. my girlfriend doesnt shower everyday and she never smells bad. i shower everyday on the weekdays, sometimes i wont shower on the weekends if im going fishing or something. but i guess it all depends on the person.
  • I grew up in a house where we would bathe about every 3 days but mom would wash our hair in the kitchen sink almost daily. But all the rules change when you get married. I suggest that you create the "stink bed" and send him to it when he hasnt bathed.......
  • It's not absolutely imperative that people take showers every day and depending on the situation it's possible to skip sometimes. It's only recently in history that this has been the norm and it's not in every country. If water is expensive, as it is in Europe, people often don't bathe every day.
  • I shower every other day. I heard that it's better for your skin. I wash my face and stuff though. Also, if I sweat a ton, I shower right afterwards.
  • Oh, please, with the "write" thing. I'm a shower freak, but you lost your argument with me "write" there! Sweet Jesus!
  • I agree with you and think showering is a must. Whats the big deal on why he cant just step in for 5 minutes to soap up and rinse off?
  • Tell your husband to "clean up his act!"
  • Unless you've been doing hard physical labor, or have been out rolling in the mud (or some other activity that would add dirt and sweat to your body) then showering isn't necessary. Most people LIKE to shower on a daily basis, so they do, but it really isn't necessary. There is no health reason to shower daily. In fact, lots of people find that their hair and skin is healthier when they shower less often. I don't see what the big issue is in your situation, though. Why don't you just shower every day, and your husband can shower less often? No problem.
  • You don't need to shower everyday but you do need to wash the stinky areas everyday and its easier to jump in the shower for 2 minutes to do this than have a wash at the sink!! So you are both 50% right lol.
  • With hold the carnivel ride he likes the most and if and when he may wish a ticket to said ride,You say shower and use soap and I am ready with a free pass to frisky ride.His habits will soon change if not a sleeping bag laid out on the bed and you sleep in it until he showers daily.
  • I think that it depends on your lifestyle. I work 14 hour shifts on labor ward which is extremely hot and very busy so I shower as soon as I get home, I also don't think that it would be very pleasant for my s/o if I didn't, I also shower before work because it helps to wake me up, personally I do think that a person should shower everday regardless so I think you are right.
  • I don't shower everyday. I have sensitive skin and it needs a break from products. I shower every third day.
  • It all depends of the amount of physical activity and preference of the individual really! I prefer to shower everyday. Maybe more than once if I am more active than usual or do a dirty job or something.
  • I think showering every other day is fine, personally, but really it depends on how fast you tend to get smelly, and the climate around where you are (like, in Russia I can go a week without my hair getting greasy or me getting smelly, but in the US for some reason my hair gets gross by the second day).
  • The person who is "right" is the person who will not have sex with the other person if they don't shower.
  • I dont shower everyday. I do like to shower everyday when possible. I brush my teeth in the shower. I wash all my body parts in the shower. Its important to be clean and smell clean. Its not really important to wear clean clothes everyday as well. Socks wear well for an entire week before they start holding on to my foot shape. and underwear can go for five days. And a shirt and a pair of pants can last a week as long as you dont see the same person twice in one week. no one really cares. we want to be our personal best. if that means a shower everyday, then go for it. he can skip a shower now and then, you however need a shower everyday. you got my permission.
  • Ha I love this question. Back when I was a kid we had to pump the water by hand, bring it in the house and heat it. We then drug in the wash tub we used for washing clothes. Filled it and squatted down with our knees up to our chins and bathed. Two or three of us would use the same water before we changed it. This happened on Saturday night. The rest of the week we sponge bathed our privates, arm pits, and face. Now days my kids tell me they take only one shower a day. Once before they go to bed and once when they get up. That is once a day. Truthfully I would say the frequency should depend on the individual and their activities. Some days maybe several other times maybe skipping a day is ok.
  • please shower daily i dont want to smell you when im at dinner sitting next to you
  • You are right, you should shower every day!
  • can shower when you want to and he can shower when he wants to..unless he reeks of crap..whats the problem?
  • ll I guess there's no universal law or anything that requires one to shower everyday but I know I have to have one in the morning and one before bed! I know I don't want to go to bed smelling all funky and I sure don't want to wake up and go to work smelling like sleep and only half awake!
  • Shower together :D
  • Some people get dirtier than others. Perhaps you need a shower every day to be comfortable and clean. Perhaps he does not.

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