• No. I have a little piecer here that may be of use. I'm quite short in stature so the ears might be out of reach. Anythying else I can help you with?????
  • How old are you? If you're under eighteen then it's up to your parents until your of legal age. A piercing can make a pretty bold statement. Just wait it out. If you still want the thing in a few years, go get it.
  • Yes. Technically speaking YOU don't HAVE a body. That body is the property of your mother and father. The reason why they provide food, shelter and other necessities is because they love you and they're LEGALLY obligated to. Part of the legal obligation includes making sure YOU don't damage THEIR property. Now when you're legally declared an adult the body becomes YOURS. At THAT point you can put as many little holes in it you damn well please.
  • Not really, the only thing I could think of is that it wouldn't look too good at a job interview. The person with the least tattoos and piercings would most likely get hired.
  • You'll look like a foolish pubesent pin-cushion?
  • Logic is where one sees it but I would say there are health concerns and you want to think about how it would be accepted by others, or maybe not.
  • DR for my reply so here is my new one - no logic, no reason; please get as many holes as you wish.
  • Pizzazz, if you ask me (which you're not) too many piercings, like too much jewellery, makes the person look artificial, false and ugly. Piercings may be the fashion, but some girls carry it way too far. Your avatar shows a very small part of your face, but I can imagine you have a beautiful body, which you will only spoil by unnecessary piercings. There is also a certain risk involved if the piercing is not done in a hygienic way, and this could also be one of the reasons why you're not being allowed. My advice? Wait till (i) you're 18, and (ii) you have a really steady boyfriend. Decide then, and don't forget the hygiene part.
  • it depends... in order to pierce a part of your body, you must be sure it is entirely what you want, so do your research. make sure you understand the pain involved/healing time. learn how to remove the piercings of your choice yourself;, in case you need to take it out on your own. of course, do it in a clean, safe place. be sure to be prepared for prying eyes and questions from strangers and friends alike. i have 7 piercings, one of which is on my lower lip. i take care and love them all---it's personal choice.
  • I'm not sure but where I live there is a place that will pierce ears at any age, without permission but you need to be 16 for anything else (without permission)
  • Pierced ear lobes are fine. Personally, I don't find other piercings attractive, but other people have different tastes, and they have to live with their piercings. Regardless, it is the responsibility of the parents to protect their children from making mistakes, among other things, and piercings can be a permanent disfigurement and lead to infections. Assuming that your avatar is you, you don't appear to need any artificial improvements to look attractive, but your choice in life, is yours to make.
  • Are you Jewish? Other than that, I wouldn't really be able to comment on someone else's logic.
  • Well, I REALLY need to provide an answer to you? I mean, what with you being 17 and all... Why don't YOU tell ME some reasons why NOT to be allowed to get any piercings? I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say. :):)
  • No there isn't.
  • No, it's your body. Pierce whatever you want.

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