• Probably a little. I wear a shirt to keep my shoulders from getting sunburned. But the more important thing here is that you not allow the fear of being laughed at to ruin your fun or change any plans you have. So what if people laugh? I'd laugh back like I'm in on the joke. Then I'd laugh maniaclly just to show them I don't care if they think I'm crazy! Then I'd ignore them and have fun! Do protect yourself from sunburn and stay hydrated, but as for the others, screw them! What do you care what they think anyway?
  • It's totally normal. We live in a judgemental world, were we depend on the ability to interact with people primarily through sight.
  • It all starts with school where it is inevitable for us to be laughed at. It is best to learn to be more independent of other's opinions.
  • not really but they feel that way anyways

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