• did it once, never again. It didn't look right. -6, really? It's my personal opinion people! Then what's the point of ever answering ANY questions?
  • I thought hmmm that's odd, but he warned me beforehand. At first it was a little difficult to work with (hehe) but I got use to it. the bottom line is it's a penis and there's nothing in the world I like better :)
  • The first one I ever saw was uncircumcised so I had nothing to compare it to. I liked the way the foreskin slid over it. Coming from the UK where circumcision is rare, I'd better answer the question the other way round. What where my thoughts when I first saw a circumcised penis? Fascinated, but I didn't find it attractive at all. I hated the way the skin was drawn tight when he had an erection, the lack of a frenulum and the folds of skin under the head when it was erect, the way the skin on the head was thicker and duller rather than very moist and shiny. I didn't like the fact that you either needed friction or lube to masturbate it rather than easily moving the skin, and I missed being able to suck on the foreskin which is lovely and soft. I missed the way the head gradually comes further out of the foreskin as the man gets hard. Also, a circumcised man is less sensitive - it doesn't mean it doesn't feel as good, but for an uncircumcised man whose foreskin protects the head all the time the senations are more intense and you have to be gentler on the whole.
  • I love mens bodies. I was fascinated the first time I saw the uncut version. I had a body piercing store for 12 yrs this is how I saw so many. I have not "experienced" one. But piercing them was really fun. Piercers love loose flappy skin. It's our playground.

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