• Honor,respect,commitment,trust,children(when we agree to have them,,together!)You to carry your own weight,if there is no other responsibilities in the home(no kids..etc) GET A JOB!!
  • Why, to be ladies of course. Maybe if women remembered how to be ladies Chivalry would revive. That would be nice. The world was much nicer 50 years ago.
  • loyalty,trust,undying love ,respect,money,sex,good food and the rest i will get back to you.when finish my first draft
  • A little more respect.
  • Sex Sex Sex!
  • True love.
  • Sandwich
  • As a man who tries to display chivalry in all aspects of my life, I find it rather disconcerting that women my age find it pointless, odd, awkward and unwanted. In a relationship, I'd expect honesty and loyalty while we were dating.
  • DO (younger)women expect chivalry anymore? I don't think they do EXPECT it, but in my experience, they usually act more amused than flattered when chivalry is offered to them; as if to say "your treating me special won't spare you my contempt for you or your gender". Therefore,I don't even bother holding a door for a woman who looks to be under 50 years of age. Older ladies? Absolutely. The look of kindness and appreciation in their eyes when chivalry is offered is reward enough (hint: it isn't about the possibility of sex). What would a man like as reciprocal treatment for chivalry? An immediate rejection, by our female contemporaries, of modern society's man-hating ways would be a HUGE first step. Between a husband and wife? Don't assign yourself the role of "sexual regulator" in the marriage. You treat a man as sub-human when you automatically relegate his desires as secondary to your own. We hear all the time (in here and elsewhere) women complaining about how "all men ever think about/want is sex". For the sake of the point, we'll accept that as generally true. That, of course, means that the woman, assigning herself as "sexual regulator" can get sex ANY time she wants it, thereby relegating her husband to the role of "walking dildo"-something to be retrieved at her whim. A condition of "mutually anticipated consent" would go a long way. You might even get him to help around the house if he KNOWS he isn't going to be frustrated later on.
  • I really don't expect chivalry, but I appreciate it. Maybe men expect not to be treated as second class citizens when they have done nothing at all to deserve it except being born a male.
  • Adoration!
  • 7-26-2017 I dunno, every woman I have met thought it was a joke that a man might expect anything at all from her.
  • Mom in the kitchen & a whore in the bedroom. But, loyalty above all else.

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