• friends are tightwads
  • Find new friends. If I was the waitress and you guys left me nothing, you better never come back and get seating in my area. My parents are extremely cheap and yet they always leave a tip for the servers at the Chinese buffet that bring them drinks, water and clear their dirty plates.
  • If I were you, I'd sit my friends down and explain that the wait staff is paid less than $3 an hour. And this is less than HALF minimum wage. If they still don't care, force them to watch the movie "Waiting". If you frequent the same restaurants, it'll really make them wonder what's happening to their food before its brought out.
  • Surely you are the odd one out from all your friends,polite and not worry friends are a bit show off sometimes
  • They wouldn't be my way! I can't stand cheap, bloodsucking bastards who are only into themselves! For people like this, I hope there is such a thing as they can come back and be a waitress/waiter trying to feed their families. I'm extremely generous with waitstaff...I even tip at fast food joints, like Wendy's, knowing how they are struggling to feed their families! At least they're not sittin' home on their butts waitin' for the welfare check. I waited tables one summer while in college...and I've never forgotten the experience. If you think it's easy and takes no brains, you got another think comin'...not to mention putting up with a few rude and demanding AHs. If I couldn't leave a tip, I wouldn't go out to eat. Now...let me tell ya what I REALLY think...:-)
  • I always leave a tip, maybe not always in monetary means... but sometimes a helpful suggestion... Like call in sick when your raggin, or Great food, Shitty service... in hopes they get the hint
  • Very rude! If they can't afford a tip they should eat home or go to a drive thru fast food place.
  • Tips should be left. That is most of the money that waiters and waitresses make. If the service is really poor, a small tip should be left. People shouldn't go out to eat if they don't have money for a tip.
  • Sounds to me as if you need new friends. One good indication of the character of a person is how he treats those in a servitor role, such as waitstaff. Your friends are 100% wrong by not leaving a tip. I try to leave at least 15% every time.
  • Something must have happened to make them this way (whether it was a VERY rude waiter/waitress at some point, or they were taught growing up that the restaurant makes enough money on the high price of meals, etc.). SOMETHING made them this way. Look into the past editions of your local newspaper and see if you can find an article on tipping. They usually run an article or 2 around Christmas. Maybe your friends just don't know the ridiculous salaries that waiters/waitresses, grocery sackers, etc. make. Maybe they don't know that the only way these people survive is on their tips. If that doesn't work, I sure wouldn't go to eat with them again. Like everyone has said, usually the WHOLE table pays for the actions of your friends, in those instances.
  • Not only is it rude, crude and socially unacceptable it assures lousy service should you ever return. You should consider making some kinder friends.
  • Not leaving a tip is rude!!! I always leave a tip of at least 15 and up to 20%. It is a minimum amount. If the service is really poor I will complain and probably leave 10% or less to make my point. Waitstaff do not even make minimum wage in some instances and must depend on tips to make a living, etc.
  • You need some new friends! Ditch those cheap bastards immediately!
  • Yes, it is. Perhaps, you should explain to your friends that those people work for $2/hour and their livelihood depend on those tips your friends don't want to leave them
  • No. People who eat out and do not tip are cheapskates, and should be avoided. They know it is expected, and that their waitperson lives on those gratuities, and yet they persist on being selfish. Such people should eat at home where their inconsiderate ways will harm only themselves.
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  • cheap skates don't leave a trip.

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